Happy 4th of July!





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Happy 4th of July !


This Saturday is a celebration not just for Americans.  It also reflects the same celebration of freedom for all of our colleagues across the world.

As perfusionists we have a common goal.  I wish the rest of the planet was more like us.

Decent people helping decent people.

I’ll celebrate that any time.

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Some Snapshots of Life :)

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From Italia: The 7 cm BEAST!


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Editor’s Note:

I was on my good friend Giuseppe Salerno’s FB group (Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!), when a post he put up caught my eye.  Now I have seen some massive aortic aneurysms before, but G (I call him G for Giuseppe) keeps coming up with these massive beasts that look like a scene from the movie “Aliens” (the chest burster sequences)…



So I thought it might be something the artists and philosophers in our profession can debate?

The question is…

WHICH of the above two situations is truly more life threatening?

Have a nice weekend :)


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Today’s’ Comments:  In Italian :)