CO2 Embolisms & What Not …

Editor’s Note: We encounter CO2 in the operating room every day.  With the advent of so many new OR procedures requiring the use of scopes, mini-incisions, and endoscopic approaches for things like saphenous vein grafting, robotic surgeries, and on and on, the CO2 tank is as necessary and recognizable as an oxygen tank. There are […]

Perfusion Art: “Magic Hands”

“Magic Hands”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments:  Gradient filter. Narrative:  Op Cab x Some Grafts Time & Place:   2012 About The Artist:  CCP in Texas:  Editor: Circuit Surfers: Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost […]

A Question from Japan [ 7 ] Why Do You Use Albumin?

Facebook Thread Authored By:  Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro) Editor’s Note: Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting discussion rears it’s head.  This discussion can be found on the FB group Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!  founded by Giuseppe Salerno an Italian perfusionist that I have worked with on several projects and […]

The Captain of the Ship Doctrine

He called me Che Guevara… Commonly known as “el Che” or simply “Che“. The implication was that I was too far to the left with liberal leanings, while working in the rarefied confines of one of the last bastions of entitled  blue blooded aristocracy- the open heart room. Homage here is not an option or […]

Heart Surgery in the PI: The Republic of the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines. Editor’s Note: This is an interview with Weng Puno-Baldeo, perfusionist in the PI (Philippine Islands).  A lush land of very generous, kind, and caring people. Heart Surgery in the PI: The Republic of the Philippines Click image to view Weng’s FB page… Hi Weng.  First of all, thank you for doing […]

Hemostasis Assays

Tests Available Screening Tests:     Prothrombin Time (PT)     activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT)     Thrombin Clotting Time (TCT)     Kaolin Clotting Time (KCT) Assessment of the Fibrinolytic Pathway:     Alpha-2-antiplasmin – functional assay     Euglobulin Lysis Time     Fibrinogen/fibrin degradation products (FDP)     Plasmin alpha-2-antiplasmin complex (PAP)     Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor – antigen (PAI-1) […]

A Bridge to Transplant? How About a BRIDGE to Medicare?

1/2 a year shy of 65- MEDICARE hasn’t kicked in yet… STRANDED ON THE TARMAC Day:1 Day + Day + ACCESS… DENIED ! Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Epilog … RIP Click to Enlarge You Figure It Out …

Cardiac Assist Devices for Patients Ineligible for Transplant

Click image to view source article Bridges? Jarvik Heart, a New York-based maker of miniaturized heart assist devices announced Monday that the company has received regulatory approval for a clinical trial designed to test a ventricular assist device for end-stage heart failure patients. The patients are those that are not candidates for an eventual heart […]

Coagulation Cascade

Intrinsic Pathway The coagulation cascade is initiated when blood becomes traumatized by exposure to a foreign surface.  An example of this is the initiation of cardiopulmonary bypass.  Blood contact with the polyvinyl chloride tubing utilized in the extracorporeal circuit, the squeezing mechanism of the roller head pump, and various applications of blood filtering devices, all […]

Perfusion Art: “Aortic Dissection”

“Aortic Dissection”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Giuseppe Salerno, chief perfusionist, Villa Verde, Taranto – Italy Equipment:  Canon EOS Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:   Aortic Dissection Time & Place:    Cardiac surgery – Taranto – Italy About The Artist: A young Italian perfusionist:  Founder of the Facebook Group: Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!  Currently with 500 +  members. Click to […]

A Really Great NEW Perfusion Blog: By Brian forsberg

Editor’s Note: Brian Forsberg and I started communicating when I first began this blog.  He was always supportive and kind- and propped me up when there was so much contempt and hostility aimed at the blog (as well as me). I can only say thank you Brian- thank you for that. So he does a […]

Current Survey Results: Perfusion Events or Unique Issues

Click Image Above to Add a “Episode” to the Perfusion Event Database … Editors Note: This is a new Section.  We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB. This is not an “Incident Report” section.  So Anyway, although the responses are not great in number- they […]

Post A Perfusion Event or Unique Issue…

Click Image Above to Add a “Episode” to the Perfusion Event Database … Editors Note: This is a new Section.  We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB. This is not an “Incident Report” section.  It’s really more of a registry of the odd things that […]

New Technologies: The Hemobag:

Editor’s Note: A friend of mine asked me for my opinion of the Hemobag, a blood-salvaging device designed for whole blood recovery of residual post-CPB volume. I have never used it- so I ask for your opinions on the efficacy as it pertains to ultrafiltration, perioperative cellsaving, and scavenging the residual volume of the ECC […]

Perfusion Life: Why We Do This [ 4 ]

My best friend’s kids…  They are an amazing expression. Editor’s Note: Everybody has a best friend.  Someone we care about now, or was that person as you learned how to ride a bike with (or at least how to kinduv  fall off from one), chased careless cloud dreams with, walked all the away across town […]

Perfusion Art: “Left Atrial Myxoma”

“Left Atrial Myxoma”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Manoj Sharma Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments:  Watercolor filter. Narrative:  Left Atrial Myxoma Time & Place:   2012 About The Artist:  Perfusionist in India:  Manoj Sharma Mr. Sharma has his own perfusion FaceBook group:  Care of heart.  It is an excellent international perfusion resource.  Well […]

From Italy [ 5 ] Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Editor’s Note: Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting video link rears it’s head.  This video can be found below- or on the FB group Care of heart  founded by Manoj Sharma  an Indian perfusionist that I have interacted with occasionally online. Now this video is in Italian- so if […]

Hell Freezes Over: Applying Boyle’s Law to Perfusion

Editor’s Note: This was so clever – it deserves to be here:  Boyle’s law states that at constant temperature for a fixed mass, the absolute pressure and the volume of a gas are inversely proportional. HELL EXPLAINED BY CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term. […]

Subendocardial Blood Flow Determinants

Editor’s Note: Subendocardial Blood Flow Determinants While subendocardial and sub-epicardial layers have the same determinants for blood flow, subendocardial layers are at greater risk from ischemia and infarction.  The deeper subendocardium is subjected to greater wall tension which then expresses as a metabolic requirement 10-20% greater than the more superficial epicardium. Higher oxygen demand and […]

Give Me One More Kiss… [Reprint]

Editor’s Note: Sometimes the smallest reveal- a brief second where you hear or see something- that pings back at you like a question mark for the future- Sometimes those moments are the hooks that we need to remind us of the life worth living … Give me one more Kiss & I will see you […]

Perfusion Life: Why We do This [ 3 ]

Editor’s Note: I think it’s important to recognize one of the things we try to preserve the most when placing patients on bypass:  Cognition. Not just a coherent thought process- rather to retain within the individual- that what makes them so unique- the ability to think creatively, and enunciate to the world- their own UNIQUE […]

Pregnancy & CPB

“Bicaval venous cannulation with right atrial opening to scavenge the cardioplegia solution may be necessary to protect the fetal heart from depression by the high potassium solution.”   Perfusion of the Pregnant Patient To provide cardiopulmonary bypass to patients which suffer clinical cardiac disease during their pregnancy.  When this cardiac disease has become exacerbated and […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : “I Read Your Words…”

Editor’s Note: This was a response I wanted to share with all of us. It’s a BIG thank you for the passion and dedication we all give to the profession. From one-of-us that is from outside-of-us that views-another-side-of-us… Janet Rabin. A Constant spark of encouragement and kind words. Thank you. = From Janet Rabin: I […]