Career Perfusionist [16] We ALL Have an MD in our Skill Set

Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP

Editor’s Note:

Nadia Azureo, CCP, BS, LP,  has been a perfusionist for quite some time, and is a very active contributor here at Circuit Surfers.

She is very talented, precise, and obviously committed to delivering extraordinary care to her patients.

Nadia is currently going to med school..

More Significantly, she has been a huge factor in supporting this blog, and sending out some seriously amazing photos that you have most likely seen, and /or will see when you come to visit the 2014 CREF Perfusion Conference.


Click Image to view Conference Details 🙂

I owe Nadia a lot.  Primarily, I owe her for the support and conviction to stay the course, and help deliver a different media solution to the perfusion community.  When so many said STOP…  She said GO with your instincts.

So Thank you for that Nadia.

Never STOP Reaching…

I have met a lot of Perfusionists in my career, putting people on bypass @ 30 open heart programs, Hawaii and Canada included, that in my opinion had “what it takes” to become a Doctor of Medicine.

MOST-  to be honest, have it in their genes, their mind set, commitment, and approach to problem solving, to not only get into and graduate from Medical School, but to excel as practitioners once in the field.

And that is what Nadia is currently doing.

Going that route was certainly on my horizon, and became a decision that most often we fail to make- or decide not to make based- on personal circumstances.

In my case it was simple- Chose not to be a Nurse (a fantastic profession), decided that Physician Assistant wasn’t going to work (didn’t want “Assistant” as a permanent part of my title), and after watching one perfusionist on a case- was fascinated beyond belief with the symmetry and preciseness of the field.  God they moved fast and with purpose!

So Med School passed by me, and I let it pass…  as so many of us have done.

But that doesn’t mean we have bypassed the practice of medicine.  As we all know, our practice is based on prescriptive authority- the concept that the clinical decisions we make are contingent to the implied authorization of the physician we are working under.  And we certainly make a lot of very critical decisions.  And we all know that we do- make- those- critical decisions.

So if you are on the playing field, and wish to become a doctor of medicine, then JUST GO FOR IT!  You have the skill set to do it- and do it well 🙂

And if you aren’t going to go for a Medical Doctorate- then please realize that you in your profession as a perfusionist, represent one of the most specialized fields in medicine, and open heart surgery as it exists today- you are part of an operation that cannot be performed without you, and the bottom line is- that you define the concept of “GRACE UNDER PRESSURE” 🙂

I want to acknowledge the art that Nadia has brought to Circuit Surfers, and our perfusion community.  So the following pictures are all part of her dedication to the field as well as her artistic talent.  Albeit, some of the pictures have been Photoshopped by me to make them even better (just kidding Nads).

The International Perfusion Art Gallery will be offered for the very first time @ the  CREF 2014 Perfusion conference.  Eight of the 25 pieces of art will have been donated by Nadia Azuero.

I also want to offer congratulations to Nadia, for taking her career to the next level, and obviously reaching out to put her stake at making a difference in our global world of medicine.

That takes a lot of somethin’.

“The Zone” _____Click image to enlarge

The Zone

Photographer:  Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP

Equipment:  Digital:  iphone 4S

Editing:  By ‘Surfers:  Effects: Sphereize

Narrative:   Inside the zone …

Time & Place:  2013, USA

About The Artist:  Nadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor, and is currently transitioning to become a physician.  She is in her 2nd year of Med school.

“Pretzel Logic” ___ __Click image to enlarge- IT’s amazing !

Transfer 3

Photographer:  Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP

Equipment:  Digital:  Casio Exlim 300, Brains, Personality, and Sassy perspective

Editing:  By ‘Surfers:  Effects: Saturation

Narrative:  The Twists, Turns, & the Convolutions of the tubing of the ECC.

Time & Place:  2013, USA

About The Artist:

Nadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor, and is currently transitioning to become a physician.  She is in her 2nd year of Med school.

“The Red Cell Highway”

Photographer: Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP

Equipment: Digital: Casio EX-Z300

Editing: By Nadia

Narrative: Me, CABG

Time & Place: SE Idaho

About The Artist: Nadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor, and is currently transitioning to become a physician.  She is in her 2nd year of Med school.

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