Come Pump With Us This Summer 2015 !

Editor’s Note: I got an email from my good friend Brian Forsberg, CCP.  He is currently campaigning for a very fulfilling and worthy cause, and asking interested perfusionists to volunteer some of their time and join then on one of their many charitable pediatric missions. You will join a committed team in exotic countries, and […]

Experienced Perfusionist: Seeking Locums Work in Texas & Surrounding States

Certified Clinical Perfusionist 20 years experience Knowledgeable and experienced with most surgical procedures but not limited to: Adult Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Valves, Complex Arches Minimally invasive, ECMO, IABP, Monitoring, Autotranfusion, Platelet gel, VADS Contact this person privately at Kindest Regards Professional Details Experience in all aspects of perfusion Bachelors Degree Licensures: TX, ABCP, BLS and CPR, Current TB, Pending Licenses in […]

Perfusion Job Shadow: Chicago Area.

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody in the Chicago area that is so inclined, this young lady is very interested in perfusion. Frank Hello Circuit Surfers team, Hello there, I’m currently working on my undergrad and was looking into perfusion. It seems super interesting and ive been obsessing over your website and youtube just trying […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: “How Did I Get Here?”

Part 1 of a series Editor’s Note: This section and series is dedicated to the few of us that do locums perfusion and choose it for whatever reasons. Although I have taken a theme of the Nomad to emphasize some of the superficial aspects of Locums Tenons work in the field of perfusion, the pictures […]

Perfusion Art: “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

“Cat On A Hot Tin Roof“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  Digital:   iPhone 5S Editing:  By ‘Surfers: Narrative:  A really GREAT cardiac nurse 🙂  Just playing around during a routine open heart procedure. Time & Place:  2015 U.S. About The Artist:  Editor, Circuit Surfers

Perfusion Art: TAVRama

“TAVRama“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  Digital:   iPhone 5S panorama mode Editing:  By ‘Surfers: Panorama shot with Watercolor filter Narrative:  TAVR and the moments of supreme intensity Time & Place:  2015 U.S. About The Artist:  Editor, Circuit Surfers

Perfusion Art: “There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME…”

“There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer:  Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP Equipment:  Digital:   iPhone 5S panorama mode Editing:  By ‘Surfers: Effects: staggering wind filter Narrative:  Need I say More?  Dorothy and her slippers of course 🙂 Time & Place:  2015 U.S. About The Artist: Nadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor, and is […]

Heart-To-Heart: International Perfusion Missions

Editor’s Note: Other world perfusion is something I think I missed out on.  Can’t call it 3rd world- because it is after all OUR world. There is something exotically exciting about becoming involved in a mission- in a new and different country- and making such a huge difference to people you would otherwise never have met […]

Perfusion Life: Music Helps …

Editor’s Note: I think most of us have dealt with and observed the fluctuations of moods during heart ops.  Things can get tense, then critical, then over the hump during an iffy part of the operation.  Music seems to play a role with us in the OR.  It is something that can’t be ignored… The […]

Why We Do This [11] The Real Lives That LVADER’S Live…

Editor’s Note: In a continuation of the theme- that at times we question why we do some of the operations we do– or give the effort we give, I offer the suggestion that people are indeed far more resilient then we give them credit for, and that our constant exposure to the sickest of the […]

MN or ND: Potential Student Seeking Job Shadow Opportunity

Potential Student Seeking Job Shadow Opportunity Editor’s Note: Hello to Minnesota and MN CCP’s 🙂 This young man is looking for a job shadow opportunity somewhere (he lives in ND and hails from MN).  I know some great people in Duluth- and of course Rochester (Mayo) is a tremendous opportunity. Can you give him a […]

Perfusion Art: Cherry Cup Cake

Photographer:  Mauro Bosi Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments: Narrative:  Pre-Bypass:  Looks like a Cherry Cup Cake with cream on top Time & Place:  2015 Ospedale Niguarda Ca’ Granda To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email: