From Perfusionist to MD: A Career Pathway Realized

Editor’s Note: I started this blog on Feb 21, 2011.  Six and a half years ago to be precise.  Since it was a new format, and employing a dynamically newer media paradigm, I can’t say there wasn’t a bit of push-back from the perfusion community, some people were roiled, some feathers ruffled, and I was […]

The Sanibel Perfusion PodCast: When VISION Becomes Reality…

Editor’s Note:   In terms of perfusion interaction and communication, there are a few seminal moments I’m sure all of us recognize as game changers, paradigm shifts, and technological improvements that could be compared as dynamic as the transition from bubble oxygenators, to hollow fibre membrane technology. Some examples of perfusion evolution in terms of […]

PERFUSION PRO: A Bold Approach to EMR

  Editor’s Note: I guess the proof is in the pudding so to speak… when I found myself on a 3 hour pump run yesterday, instinctively looking for my clipboard.  I think that’s a common trait for perfusionists as we pump cases, we look for a clipboard not necessarily to enter data, but it keeps […]

Perfusion Art: Field of Dreams

“Field of Dreams” Photographer: Somewhere in India Equipment:  Digital Editing:  None required  Narrative: When you see a heart surgeon of this stature, being so free willed and loving life and his patient’s as he clearly does, that brings me to pause, and realize the majesty of all that is within a team with such a leader.  Bravo […]

Live YouTube CEU’s: Save Money and Get the Category 1 CEU’s that You Need

Click on image above to view online details 🙂 To All: This year we will be “upping the ante” again with our Live Webcast by making it available on Youtube! This new platform will allow many new amazing features as follows: 1. Ability to pause and resume live video feed. 2. Multi-platform capability on every device […]

SURFER’s 2016: The Best of the Best

(Click on any images below to read associated article) Editor’s Note: 2016 was a paradigm shift for ‘Surfers.  As I continued in the direction from the previous year as a traveling Locum’s perfusionist, I had the opportunity to work at two new hospitals in Indiana, one in Wisconsin, one in Iowa, as well as getting on […]

A Locums’ ScrapBook: “You Doin’ Alright” vs “Yeah-Yeah-Yeah”

              Editor’s Note: To view the entire “Locum’s ScrapBook” series- click here My life is Family First and then Perfusion.  I switched from staff perfusionist to becoming a Locum’s traveler to make sure my kids and family would have a solid place to call home.  I travel because it puts […]

The Heater Cooler Conundrum: Has the Sky Fallen?

“If anyone has a chart or list/table that compares all of the current Heater Coolers, that would go a long way to helping institutions make informed choices as to selecting systems that have the smallest potential footprint regarding impact on laminar flow in the OR, as well as the least amount of potential pt. exposure […]

Perfusion Policies 101: Vacuum Assisted Venous Return

“Most clinicians, when challenged as to what the basis is that they referenced a clinical decision on, will obviously defer to their residency or training program and cite a clinical policy- whether institutionally based, or part of the public domain.” Editor’s Note: PERFUSION POLICIES 101 Welcome to PERFUSION POLICIES 101.  This will be a continuing series provided […]

There are A LOT of JOBS! Perfusion.Com

Click Image above to got to Job Site 🙂 Cardiac Surgery Employment PERFUSION.COM specializes in helping employers and prospective employees get connected. We offer a full compendium of job services  including job placement assistance, job posting service, employer recruitment assistance, employment tools and much more. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our employment […]

The IABP: “Say Hello to our Leettle Friend…”

Increased Afterload Editor’s Note: Although the distance between Perfusion and IABP’s has increased over the years due to smarter consoles, auto-timing features, training of Nursing and Cardiac Cath lab personnel, every once in awhile you find yourself at a clinical site that relies more heavily on perfusionists as a resource for Intra-aortic Balloon Pump therapy. So […]

Seeking Job Shadow in Chicago or Northern Indiana

Editor’s Note: Hello Chicago, and Northern Indiana! We have a prospective student looking for an opportunity to explore our profession- and yes she needs someone to shadow.  Any takers? Email Miranda Stumbo if you can make this happen 🙂 Thanks Frank Hello Circuit Surfers team, I am currently studying Biology and Neuroscience for my undergrad […]

Pericarditis: When the H&P Becomes Personal

Editor’s Note: When we look at our patient’s History and Physical (H&P), we notice once in awhile a history of pericarditis.  Most of the time (unless we are considering doing a pericardectomy) it’s a blip on our radar implying a former or current inflammatory process, but it doesn’t really change our navigation for the course […]

Centrifugal vs. Rollerhead Pump? Which is Safer?

“Overall, I like centrifugals, although I do worry if the necessity to hand crank comes up- most systems have been so shortened- getting the awkward and cumbersome centrifugal hand-crank positioned is in most cases- nearly impossible.” Editor’s Note: I got the following email this morning: Dear Staff, Very early morning greetings from Vermont. I am […]

LPM: A Student’s Perspective- Homemade OR Sim

“Part of learning the steps of bypass and practicing, also includes knowing the roles of the other people in the OR” Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a new series with a guest blogger who is currently enrolled in a perfusion program.  I am impressed that as a perfusion student she has the initiative to […]

Custodial: Myocardial Protection

“Every practice regarding cardioplegia that works in neonates- works on adults as well- however it is NOT applicable vice-versa” Editor’s Note: Clearly we as perfusionists are all about patient protection at every tissue level:  The brain, the kidneys, the central nervous system, and obviously the heart (myocardium). My observation is the following on a routine case involving […]

Why We Do This: LVAD_one 2009 Days +

“So yes, we engage hope and strive to do our best, but our vision for this patient’s future is sometimes less than vibrant- for the reasons stated above.  Many of us have become LVAD pessimists.” 2009 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 2,892,960 minutes of life support… Editor’s Note: I think there is a tendency […]

Perfusion Art: “Emerald RESERVE”

“Emerald RESERVE“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer: Prashant Londhe Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Hue & Contrast adjustments:  Contrast filter. Narrative:  The Emerald/Amber Hue  of the prime prior to going on CPB… Time & Place:   Saudi Arabia, 2015 About The Artist:  Perfusionist in Saudi Arabia:  Prashant Londhe To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below […]

Many EMPLOYMENT Opportunities!

Editor’s Note: There are several opportunities available for perfusionists looking for a change of pace, a new environment, the first step into a fantastic carreer, or a fresh start. Check below for doors that you can open if you choose 🙂 Frank PERFUSION.COM CAREERS, Inc. is a Joint Commission certified perfusion company owned and operated […]

Heart Team Philippines: To The Mountain Top!

TIWALA Editor’s Note: I saw the series of photos you are about to see (below) and was struck by their beauty, the spirit behind the climb, and the sense of comradarie they conveyed. Weng has been a huge supporter of “Surfers since it’s inception, and when we met- she had just graduated.  Since then she […]

Staff Perfusionist/Clinical Instructor: Baylor, Houston

Staff Perfusionist/Clinical Instructor: Baylor, Houston – Do you want to work in a highly functional team? Do you want to be more involved in research? Do you hate being on call all the time? Join us! Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, home of the world famous Texas Heart Institute, is looking for applicants for our […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Away From the OR

The 1st Saturday on Call 🙂 Editor’s Note: I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I will be dropping a few notes and pictures of places visited, and observations made.  In a sense, the beginning of a scrap book on Open Heart […]

The Novick Cardiac Alliance: An Introduction

Editor’s Note: I have been in contact with Dr. Novick, and Brian Forsberg LP, CCP, MPH, for almost the entire tenure of the Circuit Surfers blog.  I am impressed that our approaches and goals are so similarly tuned, and have always believed in what they (and this blog) stand for. Thus, this post is to once […]

Perfusion Art: “The Stanley Cup!”

“The Stanley Cup!“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer:  Unknown Equipment:  Digital: Editing:  By ‘Surfers: Narrative:  I saw this picture on FB but forgot to note the photographer (plz contact me so I can credit you):  Anyway- For some reason, it just reminded me of the Stanley Cup Hockey trophy- so that’s where the name comes […]

Heart-To-Heart: International Perfusion Missions

Editor’s Note: Other world perfusion is something I think I missed out on.  Can’t call it 3rd world- because it is after all OUR world. There is something exotically exciting about becoming involved in a mission- in a new and different country- and making such a huge difference to people you would otherwise never have met […]

Perfusion Art: Cherry Cup Cake

Photographer:  Mauro Bosi Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments: Narrative:  Pre-Bypass:  Looks like a Cherry Cup Cake with cream on top Time & Place:  2015 Ospedale Niguarda Ca’ Granda To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:  

Perfusion Iraq: Night Lights

Editor’s Note: Found this enlightening (no pun) innovation on the FB page. Submitted by:  Ahmed G. Sarfan Local machine light When we loss the support, we should go on.. Local HLM light designed by local Nasiriyah Heart Center team. Very nice 🙂

Perfusion Art: “Najaf”

“Najaf”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Editor’s Note: I have followed Hussein Najim’s FB page for a couple of years now.  I first knew of him from working with Brian Forsberg, CCP on several Iraqi pediatric articles, as well as some collaboration with world famous pediatric heart surgeon, Dr. Bill Novick. Hussein is also an active […]

An Amazingly Affordable Solution! 40 CEU’s : WEBCast- Sannibel Symposium

Click on image to view WEBCast details Editor’s Note: I have used’s online education features before- especially to get some last minute CEU’s for certification renewal.  The presentations are solid and informational, and extremely convenient and affordable.  I highly recommend this as an option for those of us who can’t get away to attend […]

Perfusion Art: “Level”

“Level”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Unknown Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments: Narrative:  The initial pass- as blood enters the cardiotomy Time & Place:  2015 Facebook To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:

Cardiac Stents [1] Are We Stenting too Much ?

“At a time when the health care industry faces much ambiguity through reform, one certainty is apparent: Resources will be more constrained as we face a shortage of physicians, an influx of chronic condition patients, and declining reimbursements.” Editor’s Note: I had an interesting discussion with our chief cardiac surgeon the other day, it is […]

2015 : A Perfusion Flash Mob

Editor’s Note: I have been doing this for 4 years now, and am astonished to see the outpouring of community spirit by perfusionists from all over the globe.  We used to not know each other :).  It reminded me a bit of a flash mob. A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who […]

From: Circuit Surfers WITH! Happy New Year!

To view all of the New Year’s FB messages on’s FB- click image above 🙂 A Message from Bryan Lich, CCP I want to thank everyone who has supported Circuit Surfer’s over the last 4 years. This year will represent a new chapter for Circuit Surfer’s, as it is now part of the family. I […]

Student Wishs to Job Shadow in Virginia Area: Plz Assist?

Editor’s Note: Got this email today- and wanted to shout out to our Virginia Perfusionists and see if they can lend a hand in getting this young lady an opportunity to see what we do.  Please respond directly to her email- Thanks in advance 🙂 Frank Hi, I am a student at NVCC, and I […]

Merry Christmas 2014 From Circuit Surfers !

Editor’s Note: I just want to thank all of you for the past year.  Each year provides challenges as well as outcomes that we help negotiate to ourselves. I am deeply appreciative for the many contributions and positive feedback over the last year- and am looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. My best wishes […]

2015 Sanibel Perfusion Symposium: Course Agenda

Perfusion.Com Presents Click image to view Sanibel Conference The Sanibel Perfusion Symposium will be held on February 4-7th, 2015 at the luxurious Sanibel Harbor Resort and Spa in Fort Myers, Florida. This conference venue features ocean views from virtually every angle and on-site activities including dining, cocktails, live music, boating, fishing, tennis and a world class […]

Why We Do This: [ 9 ] Diving With Dolphins

Editor’s Note: This is a a video of people that choose to live and interact. One of the many reasons that we as perfusionists do what we do- preserve and commit to lives we may not be familiar with- but lives that are to be cherished. Thanks for all you do 🙂 My best friend’s daughter- […]

Perfusion in Nepal: Interview With Laxmi Shrestha

“Technologies today have made world nearer. The social networking sites(SNS) as you have mentioned have been a source to communicate at few time in every field and every area. Similary, We perfusionist have also got a good platform for sharing our views, information, techniques by these sites. And yes, it has definitely made us easy […]

Perfusion Art: “My Colleagues”

  “My Colleagues”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Suneel Lakki Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Metal Gradient. Narrative: Eyes up & Eyes down Time & Place:   2014 Fortis Memorial Research Institute About The Picture:  Eye contact has been made… To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:

Perfusion Art: “Transeptal RA to LA”

“Transeptal RA to LA”    ________Click image to enlarge Sketch Artist:  Brian White Equipment:  Pen & Projector Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments. Narrative: Sometimes art is needed to understand the entire picture. Transeptal RA to LA off load cannula with VA ECMO. Time & Place:   2014  West Texas About The Picture:  Sometimes you gotta get artistic […]

To England! Need to find a Thoracic CV Surgeon for MVR on Patient with Factor V Leiden Deficiency

Plz Click here to leave a comment or recommendation 🙂 Editor’s Note: I received the following message this morning from a colleague of ours. Basically- anyone reading this that lives in ENGLAND is asked for their recommendation (in the comments section plz) for a CV surgeon in England that they trust enough that they would want […]

To England! Need to find a Thoracic CV Surgeon for MVR on Patient with Factor V Leiden Deficiency

Plz Click here to leave a comment or recommendation 🙂 Editor’s Note: I received the following message this morning from a colleague of ours. Basically- anyone reading this that lives in ENGLAND is asked for their recommendation (in the comments section plz) for a CV surgeon in England that they trust enough that they would want […]

Perfusion Art: “Timid”

“Timid”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments. Narrative: Scrubbed in for 1 hour- and gloves are totally clean… Time & Place:   2014  West Texas About The Picture:  During-Bypass To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email: