Saturday Morning Brunch X

Peer Review Last Week of April, 2011 To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here. Typically, Peer Review is associated with scientific publication and an established process for providing a baseline reference point by which to judge the legitimacy of research, the veracity of  a scientific point of view, and due […]

Sarns 8000 Roller Pump: To Buy

Looking to Purchase 1 or 2 Sarns 8000  Roller Pumps I was lucky enought to have a Sarns 8000 base with 2 roller modules donated… but need at least one more module to complete it- 2 would be stellar…. if anyone has one please contact me to let me know how we can work together. […]

ICPB: A Stroke Window

The 1st Stroke Window … Gauging & Avoiding & Being Smart About it… Bump up the age, notice the increased cerebral vascular issues, mix in a low body weight, a little calcium (in terms of deposits- here and there), a stiffened aorta, a low hemoglobin, and perhaps a significant hemodilutional drop once on bypass, and […]

Yahoo’s, Cowboys, & Heart Surgeons

Sometimes … Ya Gotta Walk the Talk…. It isn’t that you really go from one place to another. It is more likely that the second your heart screeches to a sudden splat at 2:37 in the morning, the result of a storm you had no idea was brewing for the last few hours, it becomes […]

Patient Premonitions

Predictable Science or Myth? Is there a negative consequence to patient premonitions? It takes a while to digest stuff- Yeah- did a heart today, and then another- first was an aortic valve replacement- second was a guy missing the last half of his right foot, who had lost his wife a year ago and needed […]

Saturday Morning Brunch IX

Perfusion Stress Easter Weekend, April, 2011 To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here. I’ve been doing this awhile.  That means a lot of gearing up from 0-60 mph from a dead sleep, dealing with aggressive personalities, having your ego punished like a “Chuckie” rag doll thrown in a blender, merciless […]

Failing Oxygenator

Case Report- Failing Oxygenator… Operation: Aortic Valve Replacement, End to End Graft from Aortic Root to Ascending Aorta. Pt. Data 55 years old Gender excluded 71 inches 95 Kilograms 2.15 BSA Baseline Hematocrit- 48% Pertinant Hx: Unremarkable. No coagulopathic issues No antiplatelet regimen Severe AI Mild AS Dilated Root No other issues-  patient appeared to […]

New Technologies

The ROTOFLOW VAD (Maquet) This is the second post regarding VAD technology. These posts are not meant to promote or recommend any particular system over another system.  That is  not what this forum is about. These devices are out there and being used by our peers, so I ask exactly that from you- an honest […]

Protecting the Brain

Perfusion Notes: (Keeping it Brief…) Hypothermia even when mild (34°-36°C) is established to reduce cerebral metabolism and allows the brain to tolerate longer periods of hypoperfusion or ischemia. Embolization of air or particulate matter represents one of the most significant hazards for cerebral insult to the patient undergoing CPB.  It is important to note that […]

Internet Edu. I

Surfing the Net (sniffing for medical info …) Like it or not, as unsophisticated and non-literary as it sounds, perfusionists do “surf the net” for information regarding the practice.  While perhaps lacking the erudition of the traditional Friday night fireside chat and it’s promises of a streamlined EdFest for the upcoming weekend conference, Google searches […]

Saturday Morning Brunch VII

Impromptu Circuit Modifications The perfusion “Jerry Rig” … 2nd Week of April To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here. Jerry Rig To fix an object (usually mechanical) to a working condition in a haphazard way. Also known as doing a MacGyver on it. This can apply to any non working […]

Perfusionist Seeking Position

Experienced CCP Seeking Position To view all employment related listings click here… Perfusionist seeking staff position/ ECMO position Experience in all aspects of perfusion except pediatric open-hearts Primary Perfusionist for over 2,000 (pump) cases CCP valid through December 31, 2012 Licensed in several states BS in Cardiovascular Perfusion Professional and Personal Strengths: Hard worker punctual […]

Terumo & The FDA

Terumo & the FDA I placed this article here, because it impacts so many of us in the field. I firmly support Terumo cv. and the quality of their products- AND I completely respect the integrity and professionalism of  their staff. I hope the article below-  published by helps clear up some questions or […]