Locums Survey

Perfusion Locums Survey Authored By Nadia Azuero B.S., CCP, LP Assistance with Design & Implementation: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Who Am I- & Why the Survey… In my 9 years of being a perfusionist, I consider myself lucky to have had the experiences that I have had. From PTEs, to minimally invasive heartport, to […]

Mr. Sid Yarrow: Perfusion Pioneer

Perfusion Profiles Mr. Sid Yarrow:  New Zealander :  Perfusion Pioneer  To View All the Profile Series…  Click Here. A Pioneer Passes… Editors Note:  The first part of this story was posted by Tim Willcox, CCP (Australia) on Perflist. I felt it such an inspiring story, that I tried to dig up a little bit more […]

Need Information ASAP on NOVALUNG

Talya Frey to Perflist show details 9:14 AM (15 hours ago) Need Information ASAP on NOVALUNG We have a 10 kg patient with pHTN that our team is interested in using the Novalung device to treat worsening RV function and chronic poor lung function. I am looking for any information regarding useage of this device, […]

An Interview with A Perfusion Nomad…

An Interview with A Perfusion Nomad… Can you tell me a bit about yourself, how you came into perfusion down  under? I want to thank you of course, for taking your time to share your story. _________________________ Sreenivasulu Galaeti: Hi, Thanks for your mail, I am Perfusionsit from India, I worked in India, Saudi Arabia, […]

Protecting the Brain

Viscosity: (Keeping it Brief…) How far do we HemoDilute? I got into a discussion with a colleague of mine who was going to relieve me during an aortic reconstruction case that would require Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest (DHCA). Hypothermia even when mild (34°-36°C) is established to reduce cerebral metabolism and allows the brain to tolerate […]

Pediatric-Hemoconcentrators Needed…

To be used for training:  Preparing for a Pediatric Mission … Jeffrey P. Sites I am hoping to find a few pediatric hemoconcentrators for a pediatric mission training program I will be running at the end of June- I have gotten only one offer of support from Sorin – THANK YOU! for 2 ,but I […]

Are We Making Progress ?

It Seems- That These are Our Tracks … Visiting  Perfusionists Represent: 450 + Cities  in 164 Countries  – + 50 States in the US & all of those Cities – Over 205,000 visits – All in  16 months – Yeah.   We’re Starting to Walk Together… As you read below, you will see that under […]

Facebook, Twitter & CCP’s

The Online Perfusion Community Becoming a Community implies More than having the initials “CCP” in common… I encourage anyone that is interested- to consider Facebook as a personal option for staying in touch as a community.  It’s intriguing- the possibilities seemingly limited only by our imagination. It’s not like some heavy duty commitment or anything […]

HeartMate & HIT

HeartMate XVE :  Explantation in the Setting of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) Utilizing ACT and TEG Analysis Authored by:   Scott M. Noesges LP, CCP  BAYLOR UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER  DALLAS, TEXAS Scott M. Noesges LP, CCP, offers the community an amazing case study of a case already highly complex in nature, complicated even more so by […]

Survey Results: ECC Setups

Pre-Assembled ECC’s and the Rationale Behind Them… Authored by:  Jeff Campbell, MPS, CCP,CCT; Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP;  – Survey Design:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP; Jeff Campbell, MPS, CCP, CCT; Discussion: The reasons perfusionists have increasingly adopted the practice of a having pre-assembled dry or wet ECC over the past decade may be multi-factorial.  […]