Colloid v. Crystalloid ?

Selecting  Your Perfusate Authored By:  Gerard J Myers Did you ever consider why we use one type of perfusate over the other?  Thousands of cases are done with crystalloids only and thousands are done with colloid/crystalloid primes. Each program has equal results and I would imagine each program would argue that there outcome stats are […]

Perfusion Notes: [3]

A Student Diary: To View all Diary Entries- Click Here LOOKING AT PERFUSION SCHOOLS Like I have already mentioned I was accepted at my first and second choice schools.  My first interview was with my second choice school and so I turned down all other interviews except with my number one choice school.  I remember […]

And Then Comes Sunday …

Jesse Shipman struggles to do a stretch during a therapy session with occupational therapist Megan Taylor at TrustPoint Hospital in Lubbock, Texas Tuesday, June 12, 2011. (Miranda Grubbs/ Lubbock Avalanche-Journal) To view the entire “Day In The Life” series Click Here The End and a new beginning This is the culmination of Jessie’s story.  His […]

The Joshua Story [2]

The Joshua Interview: (Click Image above to Visit Josh’s Website) Editors Note:  Josh is a HeartMate II recipient and is awaiting a heart transplant.  Please click here   if you are unfamiliar with his story and would like to see how we got to the point of doing this interview. On o6/09/2011, Teutonic 13 wrote: Hello […]

Perfusion Notes: [2]

A Student Diary: To View all Diary Entries- Click Here SHADOWING I can say with confidence that I probably had way more experience than most applicants to perfusion school.  Obviously, I was still in college, so some may have more because of age or already working around a perfusionist, but I put over a year […]

STS: Meds: Beta Blockers

Pre & Postop Beta Blockade A series of STS Definitions: To Visit the Circuit Surfer STS Page  Click Here For a list of STS posts Click here Sniffing through the patient’s chart to establish beta blocker (BB) therapy seems simple but can be tricky.  I usually find the immediate source in one of the many […]

Live Bloggers Wanted :

Want To LIVE BLOG a Perfusion Conference ? Hi- Wanted to see if there are any perfusionists out there that like to write- or want to write about their conference experiences? There are some great ones coming up, and I tried it for the first time last week and it is an excellent way to […]

Devices: Fibrillator

Where Can I find This ? Cardiac Fibrillator: (Click Image to Visit Website) There was a message on Perflist regarding trying to locate a fibrillator.  Now I had seen these messages pop up now and again, so I figured- “why not give it a shot” ? Simple Google thing right?  Typed it in, and voila’ […]

Perfusion Notes: [1]

A Student Diary: To View all Diary Entries- Click Here My Bio: I was asked to write about my experience as a perfusion student.  I am posting a perfusion diary relating that experience from beginning to end.  I have chosen to stay anonymous and any people, schools or groups I talk about shall also remain […]

The Joshua Story [1]

A Bridge  to ? A while ago I got a tweet from someone I didn’t know at all… I don’t get a lot of major league support or endorsements from people that visit here, but certainly I have gotten plenty of encouragement. To get a comment like this, from out of the blue was a […]

Saturday Morning Brunch XI

Saturday Morning Brunch (2nd  Weekend of June) (To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here.) Substance Overrules Form … You know what has been great about this blog? It’s Pure… (You get to look at totally  irrelevant but very cool pictures like these) It’s here for one reason and one reason […]

ABTC Conference: Live Blog

Live Blogging The Autologous Blood Therapy Course (ABTC): (Click on Image to visit ABTC website) Heading down to Jackson, Mississippi… I’ve heard some great things about this course being offered up by Mr.Pat H. Courtney, Jr. LP, RABT (Licensed Perfusionist, Registered Autologous Blood Therapist.) . First of all, Pat’s a nice guy (as well as […]