Saturday Morning Brunch XI

Saturday Morning Brunch

(2nd  Weekend of June)

(To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here.)

Substance Overrules Form …

You know what has been great about this blog?

It’s Pure…

(You get to look at totally  irrelevant but very cool pictures like these)

It’s here for one reason and one reason only… 

That reason is us.

  • That reason is those of us that don’t belong to larger organizations, or don’t live in the U.S.
  • That reason is for those of us that don’t have internet libraries at their fingertips.
  • That reason is for having the ability to be able to participate because of the common thread that is our profession- as opposed to logging in and being “approved”.
  • That reason is because it’s the 2nd decade of the 21st century, not the last decade of the 20th.
  • That reason is the same as why we don’t use a telegraph hand set anymore.
  • That reason is so you don’t have to wait a week for the answer to a question that needed a response yesterday.
  • That reason is so that you can comment instantly, spontaneously, uncited, and unmoderated.
  • That reason is because Politics really don’t mean a thing- when we are actually doing what we were trained to do…

There shouldn’t have to be a list of requirements in order to “gain entrance”  here.

I figure if we are capable enough to conduct bypass (a litmus test on it’s own merit), well that acid test was “passed” the second you came off bypass successfully this morning. 

No moderation required.  No “Big Brother” in attendance today 🙂

Anyway- here’s to keeping it clean,

and here’s to keeping it great !

Thanks for coming by.   Join the conversation if you’d like …


0 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Brunch XI

    1. No, I like getting the e-mails I just cannot open them. I need to talk to our system coordinator about allowing your blog to come through. I did it once and now it defaults to junk mail and it won’t open. I will fix it. You could never bother me….thanks for all the work you do on your blog. Let me know of any or all experienced perfusionists that may be interested in working here in Duluth. Take care,

    2. Please keep me on your list. What you are doing is great. Keep up the good work!

      Thanks –

      Jack Morrow
      Chief Perfusionist
      Cardiovascular Perfusion
      Stormont-Vail HealthCare
      1500 SW 10th Avenue
      Topeka, KS 66604

    3. Please remove me from your direct email list. Since you send the same post to perfmail/ perflist, I will see it there and will follow the link if I so choose from that point. Thank you.

    4. Hello Frank,
      Please continue to send your content to me. Do not remove me from the list.
      Best Regards,
      Pat Courtney

    5. Frank,

      PerList is full of perfusionists who are jerks, and Dr. wannabes. They enjoy making others fill less about themselves or stupid for asking a question or commenting on others postings. They may be great perfusionists when it comes to pumping cases, but they are not good people. I say it’s no loss, but I would still invite people to your site – they don’t know what they are missing and that would be sad. Keep up the great work!


  1. I guess it’s time to un-tether from the umbilical cord.

    AMSECT would prefer to not have posts regarding Circuit Surfer content on Perflist. I suppose it is too much of a distraction.

    That was the point for asking you guys if you wanted to be on this mailing list- because I really don’t want to offend any of you.

    I thank you for visiting and as well, being so supportive.

    Here is the link to the latest post – regarding why I think Circuit Surfers represents such tremendous potential for all of us.

    I applaud AMSECT, and thank them for having allowed me to at least wave a new flag.

    Thanks again for visiting,


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