Arrhythmia Classification

Arrhythmia Classification Four methods: 1:  Site of impulse formation–sinus rhythm, atrial rhythms, junctional rhythms. 2:  Mechanism–tachy, brady, premature contractions. 3:  Conduction disorder–LBBB, RBBB, complete AV block. 4:  Seriousness or prognosis–minor, major, fatal. (1) Minor–S tachy, S brady, PAC’s, PNC’s,  PAC (<6 / min.) (2) Major–A fib, 1°, 2 °,3° block, PAC, PNC, PVC (>6/min.) (3) […]

Perfusion Salary Survey Results

Perfusion Salary Survey Results Posted online to Perflist By:  Alicia Sievert I got an email update from Perflist and saw the results of a recent Salary Survey.  I contacted Alicia to get her permission to post these survey results on CircuitSurfers. Here was the following Answer:  So thank you for allowing this post Alicia!  🙂 […]

OSU: 1st Surgery Live Tweets

Live-tweeting surgery: Lessons from a successful debut This is a reprinted article: (To View this article Click Here) Ohio State University Medical Center shares its early concerns, its process, and guidelines for how best to use tweets and video during live coverage. By Jessica Levco | Posted: June 20, 2011 At first, Ohio State University Medical […]

Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter

Have you used a percutaneous venous cannula like this? The AVALONELITE :  Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter (Click image to visit website) We are looking for a percutaneous cannula that transits the internal jugular to the superior vena cava, right atrium, and inferior vena cava. I have looked at this cannula online, but it looks like […]

Lifelines for Heart Patients

How Media Links Represent a Lifeline of Hope for Heart Surgery Patients There is one unexpected outcome of putting this Blog out there.  I figured it to be a resource and a forum for commentary, but I never expected it to become part of a process. A process that plays a substantial role in the […]

5 Month Growth Chart

A Next Generation Tool for Perfusionists … Visiting  Perfusionists Represent: 225 Cities  in 121 Countries  – + 50 States in the US & all of those Cities – Over 33,500 visits – All in  less than 6 months – This Site Has Generated : 55 employment adds 7 online resume’s 40 + Meeting adds 180 […]

Protamine Shortage: Update

Update …  You can add MgSO4 to that list … “Labor & Delivery would be a good ancillary source for MgSO4 if you use it in your cardioplegia or otherwise.“ Steve Sutton, LP, CCP Some updates on why some Hospitals are running short on Protamine supplies. Heads up and thanks to Mr. Steve Sutton, LP, […]

Heart Surgery for the Poor?

Got a Stent?  Great Can’t afford to pay for Plavix to keep it open? Welcome to your heart surgery. That pretty much sums up my surgeon’s feeling after today’s CABG x 3 on a 47 year old. Our patient got a stent to his RCA a while ago, was put on Plavix, and basically couldn’t […]

Protamine Shortage?

Is There a Problem? I just saw read a sign on “The Board” in our O.R. saying that the next shipment of Protamine for us wasn’t due until September 21 or something like that. Here in West Texas we are hearing of a protamine shortage in the area?  Is this a local  issue or a […]

Brains & Bypass

Steve Sutton is well known and highly regarded in today’s Perfusion community.  He is a strong proponent for advancing Perfusion education and in pursuing that goal,  he has given numerous presentations at some of the most  premier Perfusion meetings held each year. Along with his dedication to Perfusion as a science, Steve is tremendously compassionate […]


Looking for Written protocols Anybody have any Experience with this Technology? (Click Image to View Website) I got a Facebook Question today… “Do you know of any written protocols for the Angiovac? I have emailed the company and asked for an inservice and protocols and have not heard back from them. Thanks, Michelle” The Company […]

Heparin v. Protamine

Calculating Heparin Dosing and Protamine Reversal: Well it was one of those days when we had a TEG representative running TEGS on all of our patient’s for a few days, and I was having a discussion with our Lab manager regarding standards for heparin reversal.  We use the HepCon system, but had been dealing with […]