Do You Have a Mission ?

A New Approach

If you have a Medical Mission that you are planning…

I would like to offer up a newer and perhaps innovative approach to facilitating materials, supplies, and volunteer efforts.

It would involve a Post or Advertisement of your Mission…

Here on CircuitSurfers.

Obviously at no charge.

Trial it?  See How it Works?

Click Image below for a test run …

Here is the summary of the Sample Checklist Inventory

Step 1 :  Advertise the Mission

Tell us who you are and what you are doing.

Step 2 :  Clarify your needs…

That’s the brass tacks of it all.  What are you doing, and what do you need to get it done?

That can be handled by setting up a Mission Checklist

Step 3 :  Summarize Your Assets…

That way people will know what you already have, and what you need-

Simple and universal real time access to the status of your efforts…

Step 4 :  The Process Begins…

An ONLINE Mission Checklist would be created to allow people to pledge their contributions, and more importantly, frame the “Readiness Status” of the Mission in Real Time.

A simple click on a “Status Link” could generate a graphic similar to the one’s below…


Sample of Checklist Structure & Reports

Click Images to Enlarge

Professional Services

Financial Support

Perfusion Hardware

Perfusion Disposables

General Items

Medications & Sundries

Please leave any suggestions in the comments section 🙂

One thought on “Do You Have a Mission ?

  1. Wow Frank,great idea. I have been on many missions. There is usually a guy(or gal) with either military or hospital logistics experience or training, that gets up the “lists”. Then the docs and staff look them over and add personal preferences or anything that may have been missed. There is also another arm of the team that must deal with the government issues: permits, visas, shipping, local laws, etc. In most cases that may be the hardest part. You can not just show up in a foreign country and say “I’m here to help.” Wish we could, we could do alot more. I hope this post will get folks interested and started. It can be very rewarding.

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