Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com

And the Verdict is ?

Yes it wasn’t scientific. True it was a little repetitious and the construct of a less than qualified statistician. Most likely it was self serving.

But from that pile of political rubble, there is something to be gleaned.

From what initially looked undecipherable, a little sparkle emerges. A hint of promise that maybe it seems, we are doing something right.

Definitely not polished yet, a diamond in the rough for sure, but as long as the heat and pressure are on (silly little carbon to diamond metaphor) I think we are off to a good start and shall continue to improve.

In my brief tenure as Editor of Perfusion Life, I had seen less effort and fewer contributions from the readership, albeit- it was back in the snail mail, pony express days, and very few readers probably knew, or even thought, that they were actually welcome to contribute.

But times are different, and yes you can– and yes you have– contributed !

Poll respondents: N = 96

Thanks Guys 🙂

Frank Aprile.

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The Unscientific Results … Click Images to Enlarge

  • 95 % Say Yes


  • Who ARE You ? ?


  • Where Are You From ?


  • Why Are You Here ?


  • Am I Pissin’ Off The Neighbors?

(Nope… Shocker !)


  • Who’s Tellin’ The Truth ?


  • Crunch Time Baby… Who Ya Gonna call?

When Asked : “What Media could assist you if you encountered an unexpected clinical situation ? “

(Shocker !)


  • What Media Has The Greatest Impact on Us ?

(Shocker !)


  • WHY Do You Come Here ?


  • What Do You Like The Most When You Come Here?


Factors in Trusting Material on a Perfusion Site ?


  • Is There Work To Do ? YEP…

When Asked about Factors Affecting Trust (re; CircuitSurfers)


  • Savory & Unsavory Comments- Click Image below

3 thoughts on “Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com

    1. In my opinion CircuitSurfers doesn’t belong in the same sentence as ELSO.

      ELSO has earned the respect- CS- is still a flash in the pan and is a totally different animal.


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