Live Blog: ANZCP Down Under [0]

Media Journalism by…

Martin Gill: Perfusionist

(Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia)

Editor’s Note:  This opportunity is provided by the efforts of, Mr. Martin Gill, perfusionist, who is attending this meeting in Sydney.

Thank you sir for your effort & contribution.

The intention here @ CircuitSurfers is to offer up a library of these types of objective POV’s (Points of View) to highlight conferences as well as “personalize” what a potential attendee can expect if deciding to participate.

Pre-Conference:  T minus 1 Day


My name is Martin Gill and I am nervously keen about ‘blogging’ the Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists Annual Scientific Meeting.

This year the meeting is being held in Sydney from the 3-5th November.

I am hoping that through the process of blogging this conference I will be not only letting international perfusionists know what the hot issues being discussed are ‘down under’, but also letting perfusionists around the world know what a damn good meeting this is- and who knows maybe even increase the chance of meeting a few of our international colleagues at next year’s meeting.

Okay- a little bit about me. I am from a nursing background in the UK. I came out to Australia in 2002 for 1 year (9 years, 1 wife, 3 children and a sizable mortgage later I’m still here). I did spend a few years nursing in Oz and then made the ‘jump to the pump’ in 2007. I finished my perfusion training in 2010 and am thoroughly enjoy working at The Heart Centre for Children, Sydney, Australia.

When I’m not behind the pump I enjoy a bit of time out with the family, and if time permits continue the indoctrination of my children into the virtues of Middlesbrough Football Club and old SKA records.

Well only 1 day to go till the meeting. If you are interested in checking out where I will be spending the next few days feel free to visit the conference website….


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2 thoughts on “Live Blog: ANZCP Down Under [0]

  1. Hi Frank

    First of all- loving the site, great work.

    Secondly, we have our annual scientific meeting in Sydney commencing on Thursday- I would love to blog this on circuit surfers, as one of your previous posters did.

    I have however never ‘blogged’ anything before-could you possibly give me some information on how I should go about this.



    Martin Gill | Perfusionist |

    1. Hello Martin,

      Cool let’s run with it.

      Send me a brief bio and some pics of you at work AND having fun

      That will be The intro.

      Do you use Facebook or twitter?

      entries would be on my fb wall and then converted to the blog in chronological order.

      Don’t use the last live blog as a template- express your experience the way it relates to you.

      Twitter is ok but limited.

      Email is obviously. An option as well. Send updates as you see fit- random thoughts on presentations are what I would key in on.

      What makes it unique is Your assessment- written as a diary as opposed to what you think will sound cool.


      I don’t edit– so what you send is going live.

      Take pics of the venue, people, the city, your crapper, or what not- if you think it might work.

      If you are serious- then let me know and I. Will put up a post advertising your live blog initiative.

      And first things first- thanks for the compliment as well as the effort


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