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I guess one has to ask what people look for when they go to a perfusion related website or blog.  So here are my thoughts on that…

  • Meetings and Points (CEU’s) (Yep)
  • Education Opportunities (Check)
  • Perfusion Student Involvement (Kinda)
  • Perfusion Updates (I’ll buy that)
  • Mission Updates (For the few- but very cool)
  • Conversation & Information Exchange ? (Most of the time)
  • But Mostly ? It’s about Getting People Jobs …


A Job Applicant Who Puts a Resume’ on CircuitSurfers can Expect:

  • 400 + Views of their cover letter and posting
  • An undetermined number of  views of his/her online resume’
  • A Polished Presentation
  • A Pretty good shot at a lot of exposure
  • Their Presentation up less than 24 Hours from submission
  • This is for you.  No Hidden Agendas. No Fees. Period

Someone Looking to Hire Can Expect:

  • An amazing amount of exposure
  • A.VERY Polished Presentation
  • Their Add to be up less than 24 Hours from submission
  • No Hidden AgendasNo Fees. Period

If You Have A Job Opening:

  • It will be listed here for free !

If You NEED a Job:

  • Your Resume will be listed here for free !

If You have A Mission and Need Supplies or Help… 

  • Ask for Help Here…

Any Perfusionist from any Country is Welcome Here…

  • As well as Any Cardiac Related Healthcare Professional…
  • And Obviously- Anyone with a Genuine Concern Regarding our Field

I think that”s why most people come to CircuitSurfers.Com

To share in the above stated goals.

Thanks for visiting-



0 thoughts on “Free Resume’ & Job Posting

  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask you for help in finding a job.I am a Polish clinical
    perfusionist with extensive experience.

    I have been a clinical perfusionist for over 25 years. I have been a
    chief of Perfusion Departament in Poland,Malta,Algieria etc.

    I have worked as a clinical perfusionist in our Cardiac Surgical
    Department in many places. In our department where i had worked before
    performed 1000 open cardiac cases per year and for most of the time
    in Malta and Poland.
    The spectrum of cases includes Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts, Valve
    Replacements, Congenital Defects Corrections, Heart Transplants and
    the Surgery Of Aortic Arch. The perfusion service in Malta was introduced
    and maintained by British Society of Clinical Perfusion.
    I have done many cardio-pediatric cases also ECMO system so I am
    practised in that. I would like to pick up the gauntlet anywhere.
    It may be in the world.

    I have had a chance to work in so many places in the world.

    If they have some vacant I would be so happy.
    More informations can be found in my CV.
    I attach more documents in the following emails

    Your sincerely

    Slawomir M Dziedziela
    Clinical perfusionist

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