Letters From Ecuador : From West Texas [5]

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LaceyTodd, CORT, from West Texas, who volunteered her time as a pediatric cardiovascular scrub technician.

Formalities …


Here it be ūüôā

Not sure how much you wanted, so feel free to leave anything out! Thanks for posting it!

First of all, I would like to thank Frank/Circuit Surfers for introducing me to ICHF ! Without the existence of Circuit Surfers, I would have missed out on such an incredible journey.

The Other Half of the Equation

My name is Lacey Todd, and I have been a Surgical Tech for about 11 years. I was very lucky to have been trained in West Texas, by many incredible medical professionals.

After about 5 years in West Texas, I got the traveling itch! I moved to St. Petersburg, Fl and went to work at All Children’s Hospital. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The surgeons, and staff there are truly amazing.

Lucky for me, while I was there they planned a medical mission to Kingston Jamaica, to perform Pediatric Open Heart Procedures, and none of the scrubs could go, so I volunteered. Since then, we have been to Bustamante Hospital For Children in Kingston 5 times, and are currently working on our sixth in April.

As well as being a scrub tech, I also own and operate Xclusive Tan in Plainview, Texas.

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On to Ecuador !

I am a very busy person, and love EVERY minute of it! So, when I received a call from Frank in November about an opportunity to go to Ecuador on a Mission, I thought there was absolutely no way I could go with just a week and a half notice. With help from my extraordinary husband, James, and my awesome employees at the salon, we made it happen!

On Sunday we had to take a bus to the warehouse and pick up all the donated supplies. We took everything back to the hospital, and unpacked a full service Pediatric Open Heart theater!

The medical team had dinner that night to get to know each other. My mind was racing a million miles a minute, and asked the surgeon, who I had never met, much less passed for, what size gloves he wore.

He said woah….. can’t we just enjoy dinner? I wanted everything to be perfect and run smoothly, but decided to just sit back, chill, and just go with it!

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  1. Jeff Fergerson (Perfusionist at South Texas Perfusion) wrote:

    “Congratulations Lacy! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I know you made the hearts of many a child in Jamaica smile. Keep spreading the peace and love. :)”

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