Perfusion Art: “The Circle of Willis”

“The Circle of Willis _____

Photographer:  Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP

EquipmentDigital:  iphone 4S

EditingBy Nadia:  Effects: Edge Blur –

Narrative:   on CPB, took the picture through the handle of a tubing clamp for coolness

Time & Place Pending

About The ArtistNadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor

(You should visit her Website  if you have a chance:)

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0 thoughts on “Perfusion Art: “The Circle of Willis”

  1. While i do appreciate your photographic skills, don’t you think perhaps you should be paying attention to the task at hand?? Care for the patient?

    Most of your pictures are during the slow parts of the case. While not on bypass. But these ones taken while on pump show your lack of attention.

    Just a thought. I’m not sure that we would consider hiring someone with, what I view as distracted, work ethic if we needed locums coverage.


    Geolocation Information
    Country: United States us flag
    State/Region: Indiana
    City: Portage
    Latitude: 41.5933
    Longitude: -87.1562
    Area Code: 219
    Postal Code: 46368

    1. Can’t speak for Nadia- but I get your point to a degree. Ever vigilant.

      The less than subtle comment regarding decisions to hire are out of place- and not sure what your agenda is with that, seeing as you didn’t have the guts to put your name on the post.

      It’s always easy to criticize from the peanut gallery, but your attempt to diminish Nadia’s professionalism or impune her work / professional ethic is both cheap and inappropriate. She took a picture- that takes 1 or two seconds- less time than to answer a page or cell.

      She is meticulous with everything she does, you don’t know her- so why would you make such a self-serving self-aggrandizing comment that almost sounds like a veiled threat to her ability to sustain her livelihood?

      Do you even know that she was pumping the case? I take a lot of pictures when other people are in the room pumping a case. Pretty big assumption to be throwing down like that. Or was this a personal cheap shot?

      I hate people like you. Turn everything into another asshole moment for public consumption!

      What do you bring to the table? Are you really THAT good? get over yourself- and keep your lame shit off my site.

  2. Anonymous,

    While I do appreciate your “concern”, it begs Frank’s question: “What’s your point?”. It does sound like just another embittered perfusionist that is looking to scrutinize something added to the perfusion community. Or someone perhaps jealous of the fact that YOU never had to cojones to do locums on your own. It’s comments like yours that instill fear in new grads looking to become “part of the community”.

    Very sad that as cardiac surgery dwindles as a profession, which affects perfusion fyi, those fighting to stay alive from outside interference also have to deal with small minded individuals like yourself.

    I work extremely hard to purge the poison out of perfusion, such as yourself. As Frank pointed out, taking a picture takes a second. And if you were with the 21st century, the iPhone is a nifty device where you don’t need to look through a hole in order to take a picture. Amazing, I know.

    Also, could you please point out where it shows that this picture was taken while “on bypass”? Because frankly I fail to see the evidence showing that. And also, if you’ve ever done locums, well I actually doubt anyone would hire you with that mentality.

    And I’ll have you know, locums aren’t necessarily dying for work. Just like anything, if you have a passion for something and are dedicated and diligent, you’ll have work. And for the record, if you had the guts to reveal yourself, chances are I wouldn’t waste the precious time I have in my career covering for you. And didn’t your mom tell you that if you had nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    So, please. Reveal thyself. You want to prove a point and make it valid? Stand behind your review. Plus, your ridiculous comment is also an insult to Frank, and I resent that. What have you done? What’s your contribution to perfusion? Because from where I’m standing, Frank and I have done something in our careers thus far that I would like to think has had some sort of an impact. Dare refute? I dare ya…..

  3. Thanks Jack!! Much appreciated!!! My thought is a cool picture to encompass a really cool, and extraordinary, job. :). And there is a place for the haters but not sure where cuz I only go where witty, intellectuals reside!!!

  4. Hi, it’s me, Anonymous.

    I’ll grant you that my point about being vigilent didn’t exactly have to do with locums or jobs. However, it was most certainly NOT an attact directly on this person. Who is a very capable and ballsy individual to travel to a hospital she’s never seen before to peform our job. Ms Azeuro, for coming across as “hating,” I’m truly sorry.

    Now to you Mr. Aprile, you sir have absolutely no business posting my GPS coordinates. You claim i made this an ad hominem attack?? And you, Sarah Palin wanna-be, put my personal info up??? Number 1. I choose to remain anonymous as the university hospital i work for has no business being associated with any controversy, And I was aware that i might ruffle some feathers with my comment. And alot of people know how to find where i work. RIght Frank?? You put up the community hospital’s website that’s near my house. As if that has anything to do with my comment.

    I’ve defended this website to other’s who don’t think so highly of it. I think it serves a great purpose. And the posts about doing expensive heart surgery on relatives that come from Mexico?? Loved it! I couldn’t agree more.

    However, I am now inclined to think that many MANY people were right when they claimed that you probably should retire, as the profession might be passing you by. So arrogant…so self-serving…You really don’t have a place in the healthcare profession.

    1. Well well well…

      Those aren’t GPS coordinates- but whatever. I don’t plan on retiring- what for? I’m good at what I do even if you don’t like what I write.

      Oh BTW- I’m not some dithering geriatric perfusionist either- I do 120- 150 cases a year and my numbers are better than just fine. So those “many MANY people” that you are quoting as saying perfusion has passed me by? That’s a ridiculous thing to say- because you don’t know me, they certainly don’t, nobody has watched me pump a case- to be able to make that sort of judgement or suggestion.

      See what you don’t get is that i don’t speak for anyone, the perfusion society, or the profession. I just talk about what it’s like to work in it. And since it bothers you so much- go to a list- or a dotcom and see if your garbage flies there. But oh yeah- those sites are moderated and filter crap like yours. Welcome to free expression 🙂

      In regards to the “sensitive nature” of your identity…

      I don’t even know your name- so how could I have possibly compromised your anonymity? What sensitive info? I didn’t search for your IP address- you handed it to me twice. Still doesn’t say who you are. There are plenty of programs out there that will mask your IP- if you plan on making a career of anonymous postings that slam people (just trying to help you out bro…).

      There was no suggestion you are associated with whatever hospital you work at. It just happens to be in the area from where the post came from. You outed yourself on that one Mr whoeveryouareandIcouldcareless…

      I wouldn’t worry so much about it though- hardly anyone reads the comments section here anyway.

      Send your apologies or whatever you call it- to the real person you insulted- Nadia.

      Your garbage just doesn’t belong here no matter how you want to conveniently try to mask it as a personal affront from me. Do you ever stop brow beating people- or is that just what you do?

      So let’s not forget who started this dialogue to begin with.

      That would be you.

      When I started the art gallery- I did it because I figured- who could possibly find fault with that? How can showing off a picture possibly be twisted and misconstrued to imply a lack of dedication to the case at hand- or even worse- suggest that one is unsuitable for the profession- or at least “hiring a person like that”.

      How could a simple picture like that- be framed into this total mess of a conversation? I don’t like this sort of stuff. But I am sick enough of the attitude behind it to make a stand- in one place where I feel I am finally free to do so. My own website.

      So that makes two people you have insinuated to be lacking in their ability to perform competently in our profession. Who is next on your list?

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