A Son’s Sacrifice: On Father’s Day

Submitted by: Bijender Singh Bali

Editor’s Note:

This post is a reflection about Father’s Day- but the event described did not occur on that day…

Bijender Singh Bali is an perfusionist from India that I have been in contact with for the last 8 months or so. It is through Circuit Surfer’s that we met, on facebook and via his initial photo contribution to the international perfusion art gallery– here at ‘Surfers.

He also contributed his thoughts on perfusion in an interview that can be read here. He asked me to publish this story- apparently a newspaper article, a few weeks ago.

It seemed that today, Father’s Day, was the most appropriate day to do so. This story is very touching and about supreme sacrifice. It speaks for itself.

The Sacrifice …

Click image to enlarge & read …

The Son

Click image to view Spandan Heart Institute

The Surgeon and Author

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar : Click to view The Beating Heart Clinic, Hyderabad, India

3 thoughts on “A Son’s Sacrifice: On Father’s Day

  1. still we have persons like dr. joshi in india. other persons not only drs shud learn from him AND all professionls should follow his way

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  3. An example of extreme professionalism by the anaesthetist . I know the surgeon who is a master in his field . I can empathise with the heart of this true story. An example in sincerity to one’s profession for all of us .

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