From Japan & Italy [ 1 ] Cerebral Perfusion: Circ Arrest

Facebook Thread Authored By:  Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro)

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Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting discussion rears it’s head.  This discussion can be found on the FB group Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!

Authored by Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro) a Japanese perfusionist.

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  1. Hi,In India we do lots of complex aortic aneurysm cases using moderate hypothermia ( 32*C), and use NIRS almost for all aneurysm cases.Most of the time rSO2 value reaches to almost normal while ASCP(20-30ml/kg/min), although sometime while rewarming it start decreasing (max. drop allowed is 20% from base line at the time of induction).In that case we observed rSO2 value respond quickly (start coming up) with increase in B.P, and use of xylocard.While at the time of initiation it respond mainly to HCT( trigger is 30% ).I found it is more important that difference between the two hemisphere rSO2 value should not be more then 10%.Thanks.


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