Is Circuit Surfers the TMZ of Perfusion?

Saturday Morning Brunch

So today’s topic is somewhat whimsical.

It’s like that first gust of Spring air that passes through you, makes you pause, and just for a minute makes you feel a little more alive than you thought you were.

So in that spirit of lightness, the topic question is this…

Is Circuit Surfers the TMZ of Perfusion?

This is more of a fun post than anything else.

The TMZ thing is rhetorical.  For those of you unfamiliar with it- TMZ  is the National Enquirer of internet tabloids.  Tawdry and gaudy, few substantive offerings in terms of thought process, long on sizzle, short on facts, and lean on  substance– a BMI of 18 or less (TMZ right?).

Very readable- if you are absolutely desperate (TMZ that is).

Thought I would lay it down to emphasize the fact that we can have a good time and still take each other seriously.  The only flaw here would be if there was a lack of honesty in regard to peer review, and open discussion.  To avoid that, one has to be able to pose and present possible flaws in the process (that would be the TMZ analogy).

Ignoring peer honesty would be like letting a good cup of milk, sour in the summer heat.  A checklist signed, but never truly reviewed.

You guys are the checklist.

I hope people understand that this site is purely for all of us, that it can provide useful information, and can still be a place to drop by and see “what’s up in the perfusion community across the globe”.  It truly is what you make it.  At the risk of sounding “cliche'” it is a canvas.  You are painting the picture.

If it succeeds in that, then it has exceeded my expectations.  We are a tough crowd.  But we are a crowd that clearly cares about what we do.

The comparison to TMZ is for humor only but bears a few points for comparison.  That is left for you to decide.  This site is for you- not the other way around.

I want to offer up thanks for the obvious support so many have rendered via comments and article submissions.  Mr. Steve Sutton, your effort has been amazing. Mr. Tom Doyle, the work you shared to promote our profession is presented here in so many articles, and goes recognized as well.

I enjoy doing this, and would like to encourage you to submit your own particular idea, opinions, and educational insight.  We will all benefit from each others’ point of view.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think…

Thank you for coming by.

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  1. personally I enjoy reading CS, I think you can get addicted to it in a very relaxed style…it a true melting pot of our work, we can ask questions and find ideas, maybe not always answers, but other colleague’s opinions and stories are important…it’s pure professional growth, a sort of international brainstorming!!! i hope more and more perfusionists will participate!!
    Frank..what is that funny looking stuff you’re brunching with??

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