To India: Long Distance Advice…

Editor’s Note:

I was just kicking around Face Book when I got an online message from somewhere in India (I believe).

Let me clarify 1st-  that I DO NOT represent myself or this blog as a Perfusion Help Line- but I do advocate that we use new media to facilitate situations exactly like this.

So let me present to you- the situation- as I myself was presented in real time about an hour ago.  Help me along with the thought process and make some recommendations if you feel like it 🙂


Want to Help Interpret This?

So here I am a little confused in real time- the vernacular had me mixed up- but now I get it:  Cardioplegia = 1 line for blood & 1 line for crystalloid…

So now I am lost- not sure if he is doing or attempting perfusion to two separate vascular beds-  but I get that he has two lines coming off of his recirc.

I’m narrowing in- but still haven’t quite got it.  I am confused about the 2 lines off the recirc- if only one pump is delivering blood.

Here I am thinking both raceways are separate complete 4:1 systems.  The two lines off the recirc still has me misdirected.

Ok NOW I get the separate pump ( 1 for blood, 1 for crystalloid) thing- and it seems like a very simple question.  I am now ASSUMING that the inlet source for the crystalloid is NOT off the recirc, but from a cardioplegia bag.

What do y’all think ?

8 thoughts on “To India: Long Distance Advice…

  1. Sure sounds like a language barrier and a poor diagram on that recent post…

    seems like the guy was describing a basic 4:1 set up and just not knowing at to measure flow…

    but made it sound much more complicated

      1. Was really hard to follow what he was saying…

        when he stated the tubing sizes it clicked with me combining with 2 roller heads since I’m using the S5 and myotherm cpg right now…

        still don’t quite understand how he couldn’t figure out flow if he can read flow on both pumps individually…

        simple addition and maintenence of ratios in my head

  2. If he wants 4:1 CPG using 2 roller heads 1/4 line and 3/16 line:

    ***Assuming a 12 inch raceway

    1/4 = 9.65 ml/ft or per revolution
    3/16 = 5 ml/ft or per revolution
    I will assume a CPG flow of 250 ml/min total dose of 500ml
    50 ml / 5ml/rev = 10 rpm
    200 ml / 9.65ml/rev = 20.72 rpm
    *****for 2 min.
    Check my Math Frank…I’m on my back with a terrible cold, trying to see through the haze of NyQuil on my Brain….

    1. Dude I will never have to check your math

      In adults “close is good” peds is obviously more precise

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  3. Hey guys

    I find myself thinking that you’ve gone from 1/4 and 5/16 in the same raceway to 2 separate pump heads and you are wanting to work out how changing the ratio of the two heads will effect the final plegia concentrations??

    It’s obviously straightforward if you have 1/4 boots in both to dial in the ratios but it may be that the HLM system can’t compensate for differing tubing in the double header system??

    I know the language is making this difficult but as you can see we are all happy to help 🙂



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