Perfusion Art: “Circ Arrest”

“Circ Arrest”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Layne Browning Equipment:  Device: Digital Editing:  None Narrative:  Arch repair Time & Place:   Abilene, 2010 About The Artist: Worked ’til 3 a.m. Layne has been in perfusion for many years here in Texas.  Working out of Abilene and Lubbock- he is a true asset to the heart team. Click […]

Private Perfusion Group Looking To Expand

Are you at a point in your career where you are thinking about slowing down your practice? We are a dynamic and well established perfusion group with a solid core of seasoned perfusionists looking for opportunities to expand our organization. Are you a solo perfusionist without many alternatives for enjoying any vacations or time off […]

Long-Term Outcomes Favor Heart Surgery Over Stents and Angioplasty

Long-Term Outcomes Favor Heart Surgery Over Stents and Angioplasty Released: 1/23/2013 8:00 AM EST Embargo expired: 1/29/2013 3:05 AM EST Source Newsroom: Society of Thoracic Surgeons (more news from this source) Press conference: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. PT Room 512, LA Convention Center Newswise — Los Angeles—Patients who undergo coronary artery bypass […]


Click to View Details Contact: Segreteria Organizzativa: Ufficio Organizzazione Eventi Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù Piazza S. Onofrio, 4 ‐ 00165 Roma Tel: 06‐6859.2290‐2411‐‐3770 Fax: 06/6859.2443 E‐mail:

Perfusion Glitches: Loss of Vacuum VAVD : Request for Your Opinions

Click Image Above to Add a “Glitch” to the Perfusion Database … Editors Note:  This is a new Section.  We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB. Please join us by clicking the Link Above if you have had any sort of unusual event you would […]

Writers & Bloggers Wanted : Want to Write a Post?

  Editor’s Note: I wanted to see if there are any perfusionists out there that like to write- or want to write about their perfusion experiences? Perfusionists from all corners of the World are invited to participate … Writing / blogging is basically taking taking your point of view on aspects of perfusion and sharing […]

Perfusion Art: “Transplant”

“Transplant”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Dario Fichera Equipment:  Device:samsung galaxy s2 smartphone with 8 mpixel camera Editing:  None Narrative:  Heart Transplant Time & Place:   2013 About The Artist: I Think this says it all 🙂 Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion Art […]

HELP ! Potential Perfusion Student Looking for Opportunity to Job Shadow in Seattle Area …

Hi, Thanks for the blog. It’s been a great resource for me in terms of gaining a more thorough understanding of the field of perfusion and what it’s like as a perfusion student. I recently got introduced to the science of cardiovascular perfusion from a friend who just graduated from a perfusion program. At first […]

LVADers are all Test Pilots…

Editor’s Note: The title says it all.  Joshua is an on-line friend I met almost 2 years ago.  He has had a HeartMate II in for that entire duration plus I believe at least 1 or more years prior.  His story is amazing- and a year ago I did an interview with Josh.  I revisit […]

Salient Quips- From the Surgeon’s Lips

“Taken out of context- and without knowing the people in the discussion- the quotes themselves are intriguingly odd and non-sequitror.” Editor’s Note: Over the past few weeks I have been collecting a few odd catch phrases or comments being tossed around during the course of open-heart surgery. Taken out of context- and without knowing the […]

Coagulation Issues: Fibrinolysis & HIT: Helpful Graphics

Fibrinolysis Fibrinolysis is the dissolution of the clot formation process involving the plasma protein plasminogen.  This system of enzymes dissolves blood clots by the lysis of fibrin.  Fibrinolysis plays a role as well in other biological processes such as tissue repair, macrophage activation and function, ovulation, and embryo implantation.  Fibrinolysis is mediated by plasmin and […]

Perfusion Age Survey Results !

“But age is a sword that cuts both ways in our profession.  Is it possible that too old may indeed trump too young?” Editor’s Note: The name Methuselah, or the phrase “old as Methuselah,” is commonly used to refer to any living thing reaching great age.  Hence the title, hence the survey. But age is […]

Perfusion Art: “The Baltic’s”

“The Baltic’s”_________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  ÇOMÜ Perfüzyon Teknikleri Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  hi..My name is Merve.Çanakkale 18 Mart University okuyorum.ÇOMÜ Perfusion Techniques page belongs to me. Speech language is Turkish. Perfusion Art ‘put in a picture I took myself in Bursa.wrote under the picture you do not know the language, so I wrote this […]

Even Perfusionists Have to Sell Girl Scout Cookies !

Yep… We have reached that moment where for better or worse-  this blog ventures briefly into the realm of solicitation. Time to help with cookie sales for my daughter Kimberly- So please order a bunch of cookies to help her out- Hey it’s part of being a Dad in America.  And I am lucky enough […]

When Being Crazy- Means You Have a Great Team !

a dAY @ tHE oFFICE  It was one of those cases… Tales of doom and woe preceded it, there was small talk, whispers, and banter that it might be canceled just because it was a to-follow case- and it would probably be a late start- Not-So-Secretly… We all hoped it would just go away for […]


Click Image to view Mission details … Editor’s Note: Please visit the website above and contact/email  Brian C. Forsberg MPH CCP. Kharkiv, Ukraine                        Jan 26 – Feb 9 Guayaquil, Ecuador                  Apr 6 – Apr 20 Tegucigalpa, Honduras             Apr 10 – May 4 Kharkiv, Ukraine                        Apr 6 – Apr 20 Skopje, Macedonia […]

Heparin: Factors Affecting & it’s Effects

HEPARIN ONSET: Maximal at 1 minute past atrial delivery: Measured at radial artery.  Note:  10-20% reduction in svr without affecting c.o. and or h.r. LUNG VS MUCOSAL: Mucosal requires larger doses- but can be reversed with 25-30% less protamine:  greater postoperative blood loss associated with mucosal heparin- speculated to result from lower molecular weight & […]

Perfusion Art: “Yeliz”

“Yeliz”_________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  unknown Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  A Turkish perfusionist conducting CPB- for an MVR Time & Place:   İzmir, Turkey, 2 weeks ago About The Artist: A young perfusionist in Turkey. Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion […]