Salient Quips- From the Surgeon’s Lips

“Taken out of context- and without knowing the people in the discussion- the quotes themselves are intriguingly odd and non-sequitror.”


Editor’s Note:

Over the past few weeks I have been collecting a few odd catch phrases or comments being tossed around during the course of open-heart surgery.

Taken out of context- and without knowing the people in the discussion- the quotes themselves are intriguingly odd and non-sequitror.   But they are appropriately funny or relevant in the moment- so I thought I would share some of them..

Feel free to leave a comment or two of the humorous or outrageous things that are bantered during the day @ your hospitals 🙂

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“He called me Che- ”

(as in Che Guevara- during some sort of Left v. Right in-depth discussion- IMA take down)

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“Can I Pull The Tubes?”

(Dr. V- when pulling out the aortic line.)

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“We have flow so we can sew”

(after placing a 2.5 shunt in the LAD on an opcab)

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“Are you gonna stick around to blow the circ?

(OpCab & CO2 flushing)

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“Flush her out!”

(Dr. V- asking for a hot shot)

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“If there’s an ounce of papavarine in the hospital… “

(on re-op while taking down the IMA- re; papavarine shortage)

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Perfusion:  “This music makes me want to shoot myself…”

Anesthesia:   “Turn it up !”

Band:  Trampled by Turtles

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“Blowers up- That’s all I really care about”

(middle of an aortic root repair)

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“Get out of him.”

(Come off bypass)

Marianne Pilger  Jan 24, 12:35 pm


Seanne Azzolina said:January 25, 2013 at 8:35 am

I loved “get out of him”…reminds me of “the exorcist” (1973)…!!!



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FaceBook Responses

Huhtikuuta Joan

Haha turn it up!” I think that scenario has occurred in my OR


Harinder Singh Bedi

Burn me , nurse – asking her to touch the cautery to my forceps !!


Thomas Mathew

There are several, “Touch me, sister” you tell the nurse when both your hands are holding forceps and she asks you “Where?


Thomas Mathew

Sister says “Thomas, I think your pick up is gone.


Jaipur Vascular

What would life be without humor in uniform

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    1. Great campaign and psupore. Now if I can just Jon to try some X2O in his water Ill be even happier.. Thanks for the update Ill be looking to help out again this year. Enjoy Florida we are here in Kissimmee Fl on permanent vacation..

  1. Funny perfusionist’s response,

    Surgeon: “Back up” (to come back on flows after transient low flows while cross clamping)

    Perfusionist: ” Yes sir backing up”

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