An Italian ECMO Transport

Click image to view source article Editor’s Note: I don’t know a lick of Italian, but the pictures were cool, the article was on an Italian perfusion FB group page, the concept is universal, and I wanted to put out an article in Italian to express the flexibility of this Circuit Surfers blog. It’s for […]

The Jena Universal Perfusion System

Click image above to view source article A Universal Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit for Cardiac Surgery The system was developed as a universal cardiopulmonary bypass circuit for cardiac surgery. The central part is a new type of reservoir, which is an assembly of two components:  the lower half is comparable to a standard hard-shell reservoir as […]

Sickle Cell Anemia & CPB

I.    DESCRIPTION: Sickle Cell hemoglobinopathy is a single gene recessive disorder that involves an abnormality of the hemoglobin (Hgb) molecule.  This disorder causes the red cell to sickle under certain circumstances.  A sickled cell cannot undergo normal respiratory functions and they interfere with normal blood circulation. Sickle cell disease is genetic and a patient may […]

Jehovah’s Witness & Open Heart Bypass

Jehova’s Winesses:  A Background Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the Bible prohibits ingesting blood and that Christians should therefore not accept blood transfusions or donate or store their own blood for transfusion.[1] Watch Tower Society publications teach that the Witnesses’ refusal of transfusions of whole blood or its four primary components—red cells, white cells, platelets and […]

Heart Surgeon Reluctant to Leave Sudan for Oscars

Click images to enlarge Editors Note: I got an email from my overseas friend, Dario Fichera, an Italian perfusionist that is very involved in the international perfusion community. (Dario has been involved in perfusion mission work to Africa himself.) Below is the story he submitted- and I felt was compelling and very heart warming (no […]

Sea Otters & Perfusion ? No Way !

Editor’s Note: Nope no relationship to perfusion whatsoever… But… As Perfusionists we need to take time away from the OR- hence- this very touching video. Enjoy 🙂 = = An adorably arthritic sea otter has become something of a viral sensation this week, as a YouTube video of the geriatric animal playing basketball makes waves […]

Perfusion Techniques: Parallel Oxygenators

Perfusion Techniques: Parallel Oxygenators  _____Click image to enlarge Perfusionist:  Randy Ransom, CCP Equipment:  FX25 Terumo Oxygenators x 2 / Tubing and “Y” connectors Issues:  None Narrative:  Large Patient:  Preoperative adjustment: Bumped up the ECC capacity  to 2 oxygenators setup as a parallel circuit. Time & Place:   2013 About The Perfusionist:  CCP Click to Donate Click […]

Perfusion Art: “Step Ups”

“Step Ups”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Lee Jinkwon Equipment:  Device: Digital Editing:  None Narrative:  Perfusion in South Korea Time & Place:   2013 About The Artist: “Sorry, I’m not good at speaking English well…. but I’d like to maintain good relations.. thanks” Lee Jinkwon Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for […]

Circuit Surfers is 2 Years Old !

Why?  Cuz I think cool pictures are part of our lives … 2 Years … Wow !  Never really thought it would go this long- or that it went by so fast. First of all- Thanks all of you for joining and reading.  Slowly you guys started trusting or at least enjoying the site- and […]

From South Korea: A Very Cool Peds Perfusion Video

Editor’s Note: Was checking out some perfusion Facebook groups, and came across a very cool perfusion video from  Lee Jinkwon (a South Korean perfusionist). Here is his introduction: Lee Jinkwon “Hello, My name is Lee Jinkwon. South Korea, Sejong general Hospital Congenital cardiac sugery team, Perfusionist.. I introduce to our Neonate circuit. We use to […]

Career Perfusionist: [13] The Extracorporeal Circuit

The Extracorporeal Circuit Diversion of blood from the operative site, via an extracorporeal circuit (ECC) is necessary to proceed with open heart surgery .  Vascular access leading to the right side of the heart (venous) and ejecting from the left side of the heart (arterial) is shunted from the patient to the heart lung machine. […]

HELP ! Potential Perfusion Student Looking for Perfusionist to Talk to- Atlanta Area …

Hello, My name is Dwayne Kendrick and i am currently a biology major at Toccoa Falls College. I am interested in the field of perfusion but I have one dilemma,  its hard to find anyone in this field that you can speak with personally.  I would like to at least know a perfusionist if all possible to see if I can […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : From Jordan: How Many Perfusionits are Required Per Case?

Click Image above to go directly to Mr. Ali’s FB page 🙂 Editor’s Note: Most places I have worked, it was with one perfusionist per case- unless the degree of difficulty implied the need for more assistance.  At one point in my career we did have a perfusion assistant on each case.  At another point, […]

STS & Perfusion

STS Updates for Perfusionists & Data Managers A series of STS Updates and Insights: (Click Image to View STS Website) The Society for Thoracic Surgery (STS) national cardiac database is the all-consummate monster of consolidated data requirements that most cardiac programs subscribe to. To be left off of the report card, is to be isolated […]

Do You Have a Mission ?

A New Approach If you have a Medical Mission that you are planning… I would like to offer up a newer and perhaps innovative approach to facilitating materials, supplies, and volunteer efforts. It would involve a Post or Advertisement of your Mission… Here on CircuitSurfers. Obviously at no charge. Trial it?  See How it Works? […]

There are 3 People that I would Like to Thank :)

The 1st is my wife- Kashmir Elizabeth Aprile– Who has supported my efforts- and reminded me of the bigger scale of what is happening here @ Circuit Surfers dot com. Her talks and support to me have been heroic- inspiring- and down to earth. She has reminded me of who I am – who we […]

Hybrid OR [1] The Genesis of

Meet Andrea…  One part of the beginning of the process- Editor’s Note: Over the past year or so, a Hybrid room as been under construction, here in West Texas.  Being very close to one of the cardiac operating rooms- during this process, the sounds of drilling and hammering mix in with Pink Floyd, Annie Lennox, […]

Career Perfusionist: [12] An Excellent Australian Educational Film

An Australian Educational Film_______________Click image to enlarge Editor’s Note: Here is a YouTube video that was submitted by: Digitalcaravan1 in association with Children’s Hospital, Westmeade, Australia. An Australian commentator discusses all aspects of perfusion and the ECC.  A very thorough summary of the profession as well as the physiological and clinical progression of open heart […]

VAD / ECMO Policy: Generic & Universal

Editor’s Note: This is a disclaimer: As with all material presented on this site,  please use your own judgement as to what you feel is clinically safe, vetted, and makes sense to you.  This blog is NOT peer reviewed or sanctioned by any perfusion associated review board or academic body. That is not to say […]

Perfusion Art: “Intersection”

“Intersection”    _______________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Sean Rider CCP Equipment:  Device: Digital Editing:  None Narrative:  Here is a pic I took during a recent case, thought it was cool….. Time & Place:   2013 About The Artist:  CCP Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International […]