HELP ! Potential Perfusion Student Looking for Perfusionist to Talk to- Atlanta Area …

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My name is Dwayne Kendrick and i am currently a biology major at Toccoa Falls College.

I am interested in the field of perfusion but I have one dilemma,  its hard to find anyone in this field that you can speak with personally.  I would like to at least know a perfusionist if all possible to see if I can gain insight and even perhaps guidance in this career.

Every field seems to have them but this one; is it possible at all that i may be able to speak with a perfusionist?  Thanks for your time and I am very eager to hear your reply, Thanks.

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Editor’s Note:

I checked the map- and Toccoa Falls College is very close to the Atlanta, Georgia region- an area with many heart programs.  I was wondering if any of you guys in Atlanta would want to talk to this guy- or possible let him Job Shadow?

His email is:

Dwayne-  I hope this helps.  Here is a link to several good articles about the perfusion profession.  It is certainly challenging and rewarding.  Good Luck-



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  1. Hey I saw the post and I would personally like to thank you! I appreciate you sharing that and if someone emails me I will let you know. Thanks again.

  2. Hey, A couple of questions.. Are you willing to move anywhere in the USA for a job? Can you work anytime of the day? Not all hospitals have perfusionists. Only hospitals that have a heart surgery program have perfusionists. There are about 3500-4000 perfusionists in the USA. Usually new graduates have to move to where ever the job is to gain experience. Pay is good but remember that ‘Much is expected to those who are given a lot’. Hope this helps.

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