On CPB- Heparin Protocol Survey

Editor’s Note: I received a note from a perfusionist the other day regarding heparin administration, and how it has become regulated at their institution.  It was significant enough- in terms of it’s implications of our ability to manage patients on bypass for me to pass on the concern, and as well- develop a survey to […]

Heparin: Factors Affecting & it’s Effects [Reprint]

HEPARIN ONSET: Maximal at 1 minute past atrial delivery: Measured at radial artery.  Note:  10-20% reduction in svr without affecting c.o. and or h.r. LUNG VS MUCOSAL: Mucosal requires larger doses- but can be reversed with 25-30% less protamine:  greater postoperative blood loss associated with mucosal heparin- speculated to result from lower molecular weight & […]

HELP ! Looking for Medos Oxygenators

Editor’s Note: I received an email today regarding the Medos pediatric oxygenator: “Frank, browsing for a supply of pediatric oxy’s and found your post on the Medos oxygenator system. I used this once eons ago in Italy- worked superbly. I want to try to get some for a big project. Any contacts out there?” Jeffrey […]

Happy Memorial Day …

Editor’s Note: Memorial Day is for the Fallen.  And to the soldiers who served and serve to protect our freedom and the integrity of our nation.  God Bless You All. The practice of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers is an ancient custom.Soldiers’ graves were decorated in the U.S. before and during the American Civil War. A claim […]

1st Jilin Heart Academy Workshop in China: Summer 2013

Surfer’s Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena, perfusionist (Right) with friend @ prior event- June 8th  2013 Jilan Heart Center Changchun, China 1st Jilan Heart Academy Summer Workshop A leadoff in Cardiovascular medicine transpired last April 20-22, 2013, which was participated by a large number of Chinese medical practitioners all throughout Jilin Province. Medical breakthrough specifically in […]

Let’s Discuss… THE ZONE

Editor’s Note: As a followup to the prior post comparing Rock Climbing to Heart Surgery– I wanted to emphasize a certain aspect of a heightened degree of symmetry and awareness that happens when a heart team is completely in synch. It’s called “the Zone” and we have all been there at one time or another- […]

The Unique Similarities in Getting to the Finish & Surviving

Dr William Springer before the Presentation Open Heart Surgery IS RISKY- yet necessary for some people It saves lives But can take lives as well … It is a process that requires: Team Dedication Patient / Physician Trust Incredible Precision Professional & Personal Courage A Commitment to Overcome Challenges = = = = = = […]

Perfusion Art: “Perfusion Pastels”

“Perfusion Pastels”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Bijender Singh Bali Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Undetermined Narrative: Obviously a cool filter was used to make this picture POP ! Time & Place:   2013  India About The Picture:  On Bypass Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an […]

Around the (Distant) Pump Room by Martin Gill, CCP.

An AMAZING Perfusion Publication ! (Contact Martin on how to Subscribe) Media Journalism by… Martin Gill: Perfusionist Editor (former), ANCZP Gazette email for subscription: martin.gill@health.nsw.gov.au (Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia) Editor’s Note: Martin Gill is a gifted writer and supporter of perfusion international relations and improving perfusion practice- wherever it may be. He has […]

A Shout Out to Texas Children’s: Thank You !

Meet   Garett’s Dad … Editor’s Note: Some friends of mine had a baby boy almost two years ago.  His name is Garrett.  He was diagnosed with an interrupted aortic arch, and AP window, to go with an ASD. Needless to say- that was a pretty serious set of circumstances. So from there: Consults-flight to Houston-more […]

We ARE Oklahoma !

Editor’s Note: This is for our people- the proud and brave folks in Oklahoma.  I have a good friend (new perfusion grad) heading there to work (Whitt- God bless ya)– and I know that hospitals must be swamped and people working to exhaustion! Just know that the rest of the world is with you in […]

The RING matters

Insert Author: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [3] = = Essentially, a variety of RING matters. May it be symbolic, just as the wedding ring that married couple tucked in their finger or a clinging geographic phrase “Ring of Fire”, located in the basin of the Pacific ocean where a number of earthquakes and volcanic […]

Protamine Reaction

“It binds to heparin to form a stable ion pair which does not have anticoagulant activity; on its own, protamine has a weak anticoagulant effect.”   Protamine sulfate is a drug that reverses the anticoagulant effects of heparin by binding to it. Protamine was originally isolated from the sperm of salmon and other species of […]

Perfusion Art: “Pictograph from Brazil”

“Pictograph from Brazil”    ________Click image to enlarge Artist:  Paulo Sergio Costa Equipment:  Pens & Papel Editing:  Erasure Narrative: Time & Place:   Brazil About The Picture:  A very cool drawing by a perfusionist from Brazil. Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion Art […]

INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES

Author: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [2] INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES Let me quote a famous drolly statement, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth… the rest was made in China.” I am sharing our “perfusionist-friendly” and cost effective disposable blood cardioplegia delivery system set. A product of Ke […]

OR Wheels vis-à-vis STREET Wheels

At 1st Glance … Author: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [1] OR Wheels vis-à-vis STREET Wheels At a single glance!—– Monotonous it may seem for some whose routine lives are just scaled on the pedestrian, but not for a few others whose perspective could align two contradicting wavelengths. September 2003, when I first stepped in […]

Circuit Surfer’s Has a New Co-Editor!

  Plz Welcome Anna Lou Villena 🙂 Anna lou Villena of the Republic of the Philippines- Working in China Editor’s Note: Anna  is a very inspired perfusionist working currently in China.  We did an interview with her a month or so ago, and the quality of her writing as well as her perspective and initiative […]

Help Wanted : PA’s, NP’s, & Surgical 1st Assistants

We Need:  Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Surgical 1st Assistants Editor’s Note: I know these employers personally.  They are good and decent people. So if you know of anyone with the above qualifications- either have them fill out an employment application – or contact me directly @ ecclog@gmail.com. Thanks 🙂 Plz Apply Below Click image […]

Introducing- Hospital Staffing Solutions

We Need:  Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Surgical 1st Assistants Editor’s Note: I know these employers personally.  They are good and decent people. And obviously this relates to perfusion in a peripheral sense as members of the open heart team and such. So if you know of anyone with the above qualifications- either have them […]

The A1C : “Say Hello To My Little Friend…”

Glycosylated Hemoglobin Called also hemoglobin A1c. Hemoglobin A with a glucose moiety attached to the amino terminal valine of the beta chain. This type of hemoglobin is made at a slow constant rate during the life span of the erythrocyte. Increased levels correlate with glucose intolerance in diabetes. With adequate insulin treatment, levels return to […]