Letters From Saudi Arabia: Plz Recommend a Perfusion Program

Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a graduating nursing student from Saudi Arabia. If you have any suggestions for a great perfusion school you would like to recommend- please respond here in the comments section, or directly to Mr. Wafe at his listed email address. I need your help from Saudi Arabia […]

Hired ! Graduate Perfusionist FINDS Position

“Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the field of Perfusion that offers professional growth while being resourceful,  innovative and flexible..” He MADE the Jump ! Naveen G Nagaraj, MSc, ECCP Hi Frank, Thank you for your email. I am now working in the University hospital Zurich, Switzerland after getting my ECCP. […]

New Job Opportunity at AMSECT.org : Staff Pediatric Perfusionist, San Francisco, CA

Click image to view AMSECT job opportunity Job description Staff Pediatric Perfusionist San Francisco, CA Free Job & Resume’ Posting email:  EccLog@gmail.com (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Perfusion Turkey: A Collage from Kosuyolu Hospital, Istanbul.

A Perfusion Conference, Turkey Editor’s Note: I was on FB and got a message from Mehmet Çetintaş, a Turkish perfusionist that I have seen online for quite awhile.  He asked me to post some pictures he took of his life as a perfusionist in Istanbul Turkey. By his count they perform (or have performed) : 142 […]

When Your Valve Specialist- Becomes Your Teacher…

Matt Braga, Southwest Region Manager (Medtronic), getting us prepped for the Lab. Editor’s Note: There are a few things I have missed in my career development, one of which was direct hands-on experience 1st assisting on open-heart procedures, and and valve operations.  It seems I always 1st assisted at institutions that didn’t do open-hearts. Well, […]

New Job Opportunity at AMSECT.org : Clinical Perfusionist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Click image to view AMSECT job opportunity Job description Clinical Perfusionist,  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Cincinnati, OH Free Job & Resume’ Posting email:  EccLog@gmail.com (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Letters From Pakistan: Questions on the CardioHelp System

Click image to view manufacturer’s information on this product- Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a Pakistani perfusionist via LinkedIn.  If any of you have any Experience using the CardioHelp System, can you send replies here to ‘Surfers? I have no experience with the device, so it would be inappropriate for me […]

Perfusion Life: Our Similarities in Malaysia …

Click on image above to visit Malaysian Pefrusion Group FB page… Editor’s Note: I was surfing some Perfusion FB groups, and I came upon the pictures below and a post from a Malaysian perfusionist. The FB perfusion group is named Malaysian Perfusionist, and it has 95 members. It is another example of how similar our […]

40th Annual Meeting of JASECT in Hiroshima: October 2014

Click Image to View Conference Details October 11-12, 2014 40th Annual Meeting of JASECT in Hiroshima International Conference Center HIROSHIMA, JAPAN Program 1. Special Lecture 2. Symposium 3. Case Conference Session 4. General Session 5. Co-sponsored Seminar 6. Others Contact Us Congress Secretariat Hiroshima University Hospital Department of Clinical Engineering Shigeyuki OKAHARA E-mail: okahara@hiroshima-u.ac.jp  Address: […]

Perfusion Apps- Updated

Perfusion Apps … Well now that we have that shiny new smart phone.  What do we do with it, and more importantly, how do we get ourselves to become smarter than we already are? A true conundrum in a profession where intellectual elegance is measured in terms of survival and good patient outcomes. I’m being […]

An International Perfusion CQI Registry: American, Asian, European, ALL Countries are Invited.

To Join the International Perfusion CQI Registry-  cick image above Editors Note: This is a new platform for Quality Improvement. We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB.  We are inviting perfusionists, groups, and institutional participation to develop a universal platform for identifying areas of concern […]