Happy Thanksgiving ! 2013


Keeping it Real …  Praying for the Philippines…

‘Surfers’  Timeline …


Two Years Ago:

“I am about to become a foster parent to adopt… “



Last Year:

“I adopted 2 children (brother & sister) last week !”

Lookin’ Cool …

In the Adoption Court Room …


This Year (2013)

We have 2 more children we are adopting- (brother & sister- 1.5 and 4 yrs old).  It just happened is all I can say.






Anyway, I am so very grateful for you guys dropping by and supporting this effort, that is CircuitSurfers.com 🙂

Thank you and God bless us all!

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP





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    1. Kathy,We didn’t catch any fish that day, but 3 days later on my 15th birthday (Aug 13) I cahugt 55 bluegill. 20 or so were keepers.I filleted them all (ownership thing) and yes it was butter flour and cornmeal.Your comments regarding the blog and the great times we have had as friends are very heart warming- and encouraging.Per the death defying thing? It wasn’t at the time an issue for me- I knew I could survive it- my Uncle on the other hand- well he was out of breath in frigid water. The temperature was what was going to be the issue.You visited a part of my life way beyond that “heroic” moment.The true hero’s are right here. They/We lay it on the line every single day. Can’t have a bad day. Not when you consider the family and person that you are simultaneously affecting. No room for error. Major league tight. Scary hard at times. and ridiculously satisfying at others. But the difference really shows up at the check out counter- that’s when you know that anybody can do what they do- but you and only you- can do what we do.Go figure.

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