Letters From Pakistan: Questions on the CardioHelp System


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Hi Guys,

I got this letter from a Pakistani perfusionist via LinkedIn.  If any of you have any Experience using the CardioHelp System, can you send replies here to ‘Surfers?

I have no experience with the device, so it would be inappropriate for me to offer blind and gratuitous advice.  Please submit them  to the email below, or if possible share your insight with the community in the comments section below.

Thanks ! = = 🙂




Dear Frank,

Hello I am a cardiac perfusionist from Pakistan want to ask some questions if you can answer it I will be obliged.

1: We want to buy CARDIO HELP SYSTEM for our center. Do you think that this machine can help us as LVAD / BiVAD?
2: If a patient can not wean from CPB can we use it along with IABP?
3: Do you have any personal experience with this machine?

You can contact me on aqkfcs@hotmail.com. Waiting for your reply.

A. Q. Khan


Hi Abdul,

Thanks for the note. 

See my comments above.  I am sure someone will be able to assist you in this better than myself.

As far as a VAD and IABP being used simultaneously, yes I have seen it done numerous times.  If it’s an LVAD you won’t have a pressure trigger- but the EKG trigger should be fine.

Hopefully you shall get some good suggestions here or directly to your email.

Thank you again for visiting and reading Circuit Surfers.


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2 thoughts on “Letters From Pakistan: Questions on the CardioHelp System

  1. I’ve used the CardioHelp several times and I’m not sure it’s a good device choice for just an LVAD or RVAD. It’s more of a complete heart lung machine in a small, transportable package. The HLS disposables consist of a special Rotaflo biohead that in integrated with a Quadrox oxygenator, in this manner it is a closed ECMO circuit. This is good for patients that can’t wean from CPB and need support or need to be transferred while on support. It can be used for both V-A and V-V applications. There are other disposables available that make it an open, compact heart lung machine with a reservoir and arterial filter. I haven’t seen or used this disposable yet. If you need a simple LVAD or RVAD without an oxygenator, you’re probably better off using a Centrimag or just a Rotaflo by itself.

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