2 New Job Opportunities at AmSECT.org : Staff Perfusionist: Topeka, KS & Memphis, TN

  Staff Perfusionist Topeka, KS Memphis, TN Job description See AMSECT.org website Free Job & Resume’ Posting email:  EccLog@gmail.com (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Perfusion Art: “FlatLined Pastels”

“FlatLined Pastels”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop:  Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments. Narrative: A reflection right before coming off bypass. Time & Place:   2014  West Texas About The Picture:  On Bypass Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and […]

Roundworms & ECMO ? Any Advice, Experience, or Literature?

Editor’s Note: I got an email from a perfusion colleague regarding the impact (if any) of roundworms on the oxygenator for an ECMO run. Please help?  Any information- please forward to the comments section of this blog post, my email, or  Amanda’s email who is running the ECMO. Very much appreciated 🙂 Hey Frank, Do […]

Perfusion Art: “Panorama”

“Panorama”___________________________   Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Paulo Franco, CCP Equipment:  Digital, Iphone 5 Editing:  Panorama app Narrative:  this foto, it was taken yesterday during a Frozen Elefant Trunk procedure in Lisbon, Portugal Time & Place:   Our institution is Hospital de Santa Marta, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central, EPE. Comments: Helo, I don’t know if you’re interested […]

Heart Surgery in India: “I Tied My Turban Myself”

Editor’s Note: This is a story written by an Indian cv surgeon I have written to on FB. It has a “Lawrence of Arabia” feel to it, and I enjoyed reading it very much- Thank you sir for the time and effort to share this tale 🙂 Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi  MCh,FIACS (Gold Medallist) Head […]

From Our Perfusion Friends in Iraq

Editor’s Note: Hussein Najim Perfusionist This is a perfusionist in Iraq that trained and worked with Brian Forsberg, MS, CCP (working with ICHF). I see him on FB once in awhile- he is always kind and in good spirits.  So enjoy the picture and realize that we are truly blessed – each in our own […]

A New Perfusion EMR System: Try it- It’s FREE !

Editor’s Note: I got an email regarding a new EMR platform for Perfusionists.  Having designed numerous database systems before, this would in my opinion be worth taking a look at.  I will review the system in the coming week.  In the mean time- download it and check it out 🙂   Hey it’s FREE ! […]

Perfusion Art: “Gratitude”

“Gratitude”___________________________   Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Willie Swyer CCP Equipment:  Digital, Sony DSC R1 Editing:  Layers, Enhance, Glow, Sharpen, Vignette Narrative:  Using the Thoratec IVAD as a symbol, thanks is given to all donors and families who have given so much. Time & Place:   2007  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada =  Gratitude by Willie Swyer = You […]

Free Resume’ & Job Posting

= (Click Image to see who is visiting…) Thanks for visiting- To place your resume online for FREE- send information and details to the email below: email:  EccLog@gmail.com A Job Applicant Who Puts a Resume’ on CircuitSurfers can Expect: 400 + Views of their cover letter and posting An undetermined number of  views of his/her […]

4 New Job Opportunities at amsect.org : 1 Peds- 2 Chief Positions, 1 ECMO Coordinator

Click image to view AMSECT job opportunity Job description See AMSECT.org website Free Job & Resume’ Posting email:  EccLog@gmail.com (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Perfusion Art: “Looking Under the Hood”

“Looking Under the Hood”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Michael Arciszewski MHS CCP Equipment:  Digital Editing:  ? Narrative:  it is a inferior look at the delphin head and oxygenator, the work horses of the system. The pump is a terumo system 1 Time & Place:   2014  Connecticut About The Picture: Hey Frank! Its Mike Arciszewski, the perfusionist […]