A Question for European Perfusionists: Germany in Particular

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Editor’s Note

I got this message on FB today.  Any German perfusionists want to answer this question for the young gentleman from Egypt?



My name is Ramy Farid.

I’m from Egypt and I’m graduated from the faculty of science biology department And I have egyption fellowship in perfusion of cardiopulmonary bypass For 2 years and my experience in that career for 4 years and im looking for a suitable job as a perfusionist in Germany.

What is the procedures for joining there or in any country to join their?

I need information please.


Please leave comments or suggestion here on this site- or contact Ramy via FB- by clicking here.

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  1. To sit the EBCP exam You have to fulfill the requirements stated by the board. You can find them on http://www.ebcp.org/certification/examination.html
    There is an appeals procedure for those who do not meet the full criteria to take the examination and feel they have special circumstances. But based on the information You presented above, I can´t see there would be any special circumstances that would have the EBCP to accept You for the exam until You fulfill the requirements.

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