Welcome to the Circuit Surfers Editorial Staff: Nadia Azuero!

Nadia Azuero

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Editor’s Note:

Nadia  has been a perfusionist for quite some time, and is a very active contributor here at Circuit Surfers.

She is very talented, precise, and obviously committed to delivering extraordinary care to her patients.  She has had a large hand in helping develop the direction of “Surfers, and her contributions (both photographic & essays) have gone a long way to making this online blog respectable yet original.

Much of her work was displayed at the recent CREF 2014 perfusion conference in San Diego, CA.

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Nadia is currently in her second year of Med school, but still  practices as a Solo Perfusion Contractor.  If you wish to contact her for potential locums positions- (during her down time) please do so.

Anyway- Welcome aboard Nadia!

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Nadia Azuero


After 11 years circulating, transitioning from my CCP to my obtaining my MD. Still maintaining activity in perfusion, which is my first love, at least enough to formulate a full qrs complex at 40-50bpm. I’m in medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and on my time “off” I do locums perfusion and then some. I got into photography, which I’ve also enjoyed, through Frank Aprile when circuit surfers was about to breach. I am honored to be a part of his educational innovation to the entire perfusion community. More to come, stay tuned…..

Rapid Fire Facts:

My childhood was in West Bloomfield Hills, MI; adolescents in Miami, FL; adult life “Alpharetta, GA” & on Delta airlines. I’ve also lived in San Jose, Costa Rica, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Loma Linda, CA and now Guadalajara, Mexico, awaiting the next phase.

I speak 3 languages, was an athlete my whole life, competed in equestrian competitions growing up for 13 years, have a fierce love for dogs and studying medicine, and a passion for travel. A younger brother joining the CCP alliance, and my mom whom is my rock, confidante, guide, and bff.

I love this blog, and what Frank has done here is extraordinary in terms of opening the eyes of the world to the perfusion community.  I look forward to contributing my thoughts both as a perfusionist, and as a practicing physician.


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