A New Perfusion EMR System: Try it- It’s FREE !

Editor’s Note: I got an email regarding a new EMR platform for Perfusionists.  Having designed numerous database systems before, this would in my opinion be worth taking a look at.  I will review the system in the coming week.  In the mean time- download it and check it out 🙂   Hey it’s FREE ! […]

The LipStick Sign: – RECOVERING from CPB

The “Sign” …  Patient’s reclaiming ownership of their health 🙂 Editor’s Note: First of all, I want to thank Dr. Bedi for his time and effort in sharing his perspective- and it is his insight suggested below that brings me to the point of this note… I find it amazingly refreshing to witness a merging […]

9 Ways Medical Devices Fail

Posted in Quality Assurance by Chris Newmarker on March 31, 2014  Editor’s Note: Medical device recalls appear to be growing at a slower pace than the device industry itself. But when they do happen, they can produce tragic, even deadly, results for patients.  MPMN asked members of the LinkedIn Medical Devices Group why device failures […]


The Team PLANNING FOR EMERGENCIES – The Perfusion Crash Cart This is a ‘perfusion crash cart’ designed by me for my perfusionist and made locally . It comprises a industrial grade steel alloy body with medium sized wheels which allow fast mobility and keeps all essential items at one place . It can be easily […]