A Medical Mission to the Philippines: OCA

“They say that the first step is the hardest in every journey of life’s mission…”


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OCA’s Mission to Mindanao Heart Center on its 7th year



I should say that “MISSION is POSSIBLE” and not “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”. It was in January 2009 when the Michigan Surgical Mission team started to reach out to “Mang Juans and Aling Juanas” for a free heart valve procedures in Mindanao Heart Center (SPMC).



They say that the first step is the hardest in every journey of life’s mission, but with the tenacious desires of compassionate individuals involved in OCA team, as spearheaded by Mr. Oscar and Debbie Ong, the 7 years of quest in giving hope to indigent heart valve recipients has become a huge success.

I even remembered during our first year in this surgical mission where we started with only 7 patients and yet at that time Mindanao Heart Center was still in its pioneering state and at the same time we were naïve in working with foreign practitioners, and so all of the staff has to maximize our time, resources and even patience —but it was all WORTH IT!!

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We act not for the results but for the action, and in this great medical mission for 7 years now, it was not the vastness of the sea, space and tyranny that was conquered but it was a grand quest of unutterable fulfillment seeing these patients embracing their heart pillows after surgery. The future of this mission lies on the clear optimistic vision that as long as compassion over rules in the heart of caring individuals, more deserving patients will be given hope. Thus, restoring the quality of life that they truly deserve and making future possibilities unbounded.

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A proud colleague here and may we call continue to discover our own mission in caring for the sick and always seek the grace in order to fulfill the purpose of our profession. J




(PHOTOS from Dr. Edwin Valencia and Weng Puno)

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One thought on “A Medical Mission to the Philippines: OCA

  1. I dont know who are those people behind this but I really thank you wholeheartedly for a successful operation of my sister in Davao. I thank also the government of the Philippines for this opportunity it added years of life to the people who undergo this operation without causing amount. I am praying that you continue to pursue this medical mission in the future and May God Bless you all.
    Thank you very Much!

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