Custodial: Myocardial Protection

“Every practice regarding cardioplegia that works in neonates- works on adults as well- however it is NOT applicable vice-versa” Editor’s Note: Clearly we as perfusionists are all about patient protection at every tissue level:  The brain, the kidneys, the central nervous system, and obviously the heart (myocardium). My observation is the following on a routine case involving […]

Unexpected Air: An ECMO Discussion

Editor’s Note: I was on FB and was visiting the Malaysian Perfusion Page, monitoring a discussion regarding venous air entrainment in an ECMO circuit, and the efforts made to save the patient.  This a true emergency, and with a closed system, much more difficult to resolve. The discussion however is what captured my interest because […]

‘Surfers Media ThumbNails FOR 2012

Editor’s Note: I thought I would put together a thumbnail gallery of the life and times @ Circuit Surfers, as a way to let you- the reader- pick and choose what images you would like to look at.  Some of these are from the International Perfusion Art Gallery– while others were taken from various posts […]

Perfusion Life: The InElegant Hack

Editor’s Note: Here is a guest post presented in it’s raw and natural form, written by Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP. Thank you Michael, for contributing 🙂 -Frank PERFUSION LIFE HACK What is a life hack? The term life hack started out as “hack”, having evolved from the original definition to the current meaning of an […]

Scandinavian Paediatric Perfusion Meeting: November 2016

First Announcement Dear colleagues, We are proud to announce that the first “Scandinavian Paediatric Perfusion Meeting” will take place in Lund, Sweden on 24-25 November, 2016. This is a joint venture between Lund (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) Paediatric Cardiac Centres and is the only paediatric perfusion meeting held in Europe. The overall topic of the […]

Why We Do This: LVAD_one 2009 Days +

“So yes, we engage hope and strive to do our best, but our vision for this patient’s future is sometimes less than vibrant- for the reasons stated above.  Many of us have become LVAD pessimists.” 2009 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 2,892,960 minutes of life support… Editor’s Note: I think there is a tendency […]

From Italia: The 7 cm BEAST!

Editor’s Note: I was on my good friend Giuseppe Salerno’s FB group (Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!), when a post he put up caught my eye.  Now I have seen some massive aortic aneurysms before, but G (I call him G for Giuseppe) keeps coming up with these massive beasts that look like a scene from the movie “Aliens” (the […]

LPM: A Student’s Perspective- Seminars and Symposiums

“Perfusion as a discipline is still very much in need of empirical evidence in order to develop best practices.” Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a new series with a guest blogger who is currently enrolled in a perfusion program.  I am impressed that as a perfusion student she has the initiative to share her […]