The ‘Third Space’–Fact or Fiction?

“While I was familiar with the concept of “third spacing”, I needed to clarify the implied “first”, and “second” spaces.” Editor’s Note: Back quite a while ago, I was really into publications, and the academic side of cardiac perfusion and education.  Part of what we do involves some major fluid shifts within the patient as […]

How to Calculate EBL with Cell Savers

“It was simple- but in theory is consistent with other ways I have used to extrapolate that mysterious number we always come up with- that is sometime just barely a step away from ‘home cooking’.”   Editor’s Note: Well, I was @ a new venue, doing a locum’s gig- and ran into an interesting formula/calculation […]

A locum’s Scrap Book: The Haze in the Maze

“When we dream- “perfusion dreams” I think it is a subconscious attempt to deal with latent or buried (perhaps unrecognized) insecurities or issues we have in front of us.” Editor’s Note: When we dream- “perfusion dreams” I think it is a subconscious attempt to deal with latent or buried (perhaps unrecognized) insecurities or issues we have in […]

Modified Ultrafiltration During Cardiopulmonary Bypass

“MUF following separation from extracorporeal circulation (ECC) provides well known advantages in children with improvements in the hemodynamic, pulmonary, coagulation and other organs functions.” Editor’s Note: Please consider the fact that I am NOT a pediatric perfusionist, so this article may be too rudimentary for you Peds guys out there 🙂 Nevertheless- this post began […]

The MD-CCP Relationship: The Lighter Side…

“Naturally, I drew the metaphor to another inter-species relationship that we are involved in almost every day- the perfusion-surgeon collaboration.” Editor’s Note: So once again, an epiphany while online.  I saw an amazing video of a human-seal underwater interaction, and I couldn’t help but enjoy the mutual belly-scratchin’  antics between the species. Naturally, I drew […]

From Istanbul: Heart Art…

Editor’s Note: Just taking a moment to share a moment- happened to see this on FB- and after seeing a quick ECMO article- went to the source- and found this Turkish FB site: Kartal Koşuyolu Kalp Hastanesi Hospital   Address Denizer Caddesi Cevizli Kavşağı No: 2Cevizli / Kartal İSTANBUL 72000 Kartal, İstanbul Phone +90 216 […]

Platelet Gel Systems & Comparisons

“Although modest in terms of complexity, and clinical challenge, platelet gel does rear it’s head for those of us that are in accounts that employ the use of this modality.” Editor’s Note: Today’s menu is less esoteric- and however bland, represents one of the many adjunct therapies and applications that perfusionists are involved in, that are […]

LPM: A Student’s Perspective- Trials in Research Science

“No matter what type of study design, beginning the process of student research is very daunting…” Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a series with our newest associate editor, Shayla Johnson, who is currently enrolled in a perfusion program.  I asked her to join the editorial team because she reflects the passion and excitement that […]

Pericarditis: When the H&P Becomes Personal

Editor’s Note: When we look at our patient’s History and Physical (H&P), we notice once in awhile a history of pericarditis.  Most of the time (unless we are considering doing a pericardectomy) it’s a blip on our radar implying a former or current inflammatory process, but it doesn’t really change our navigation for the course […]