Happy New Year 2016! From Us- TO US!

Editor’s Note: I am amazed at the responses and enthusiasm that so many different perfusionists from all corners of the world have regarding our global community!  True camaraderie and mutual respect from all of us to each other- realizing that we are the only ones on this planet that truly understand what a wonderful thing it […]

The Year in Review: Circuit Surfers 2015!

Editor’s Note: Well it has been a heck of a year.  Becoming a part of Perfusion.com is an amazing adventure, and has certainly expanded our reach as well as our impact on the international perfusion community. In 2015 I personally transitioned to becoming a traveling (Locums) Perfusionist, which is absolutely the perfect fit for this blog […]

LPM: A Student’s Perspective- Pediatric Observations

“Other than the uniqueness of the circuit set-up’s, the cases are very different.” Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a series with our newest associate editor, Shayla Johnson, who is currently enrolled in a perfusion program.  I asked her to join the editorial team because she reflects the passion and excitement that every perfusionist has- […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Stretched Thin- But Hangin’ In…

“Equally paramount is the frustrations of the surgeons, that are viewing you as a “patch” to fix a bad water leak- and that the quality of that “patch” is as of yet undefined, untested, unproven…” Editor’s Note: I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once […]

On Being a Perfusionist: The Perfect Recovery from an Adverse Situation

ON BEING A PERFUSIONIST I think we are reminded of our human fallibility (the potential to err is in all of us) every day we pump a case. With so many steps and moving parts in the equation, the goal is to choreograph out a perfect “10” every single time. Of course that doesn’t always […]

Perfusion Art: “Petulant”

“Petulant“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer: Frank Aprile. BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  I-phone 5S Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  The surgeon waits for his PA to finish harvesting an endovascular vein graft… cricket… cricket… Time & Place:   Midwest, 2015 About The Artist:  Locums’ Perfusionist.

Staff Perfusionist Wanted: Des Moines, Iowa

Click Image to View Site Editor’s Note: Having been to this hospital, worked a brief locums gig, and met the staff, I can tell you that this is a fantastic opportunity!  The people are great, and hospital is amazingly friendly. The staff in particular impressed me and is a mix of experienced as well as […]

The Art of The Sale: “Cherry Picking” Cardiac Patients…

“This means when the data says “bad surgeon,” the surgeon might, in fact be a Top Gun — a technically-gifted, Morbidity Hunter — the last hope of the poor and sick.” Editor’s Note: Having been an STS coordinator for 5 years- responsible, basically- for the entire process, data collection, discriminating and interpretation of data-field-definitions, inputting […]

Perfusion Art: “The Other Room”

“The Other Room“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer: Frank Aprile. BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  I-phone 5S Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  A reflection against a window of one surgery, while capturing the other room as well- through connecting room with window to both surgical suites. Time & Place:   Midwest, 2015 About The Artist:  Locums’ Perfusionist. To View The Entire […]

From Belgium: What is a Perfusionist?

Editor’s Note: Below you will see a very inspiring video detailing the scope of practice of a perfusionist, and describing the vast array of talents as well as the personal fortitude that is required to seriously engage the profession. I want to thank Dr. Verhofste for forwarding me this video, and allowing me to share […]

EMR: Test Drive a New Perfusion Solution…

Editor’s Note: I spent a long time developing relational databases for Perfusion management and data collection.  I have also been an STS coordinator for 5 years- in conjunction with my role as a staff perfusionist in West Texas. In other words…  I get how difficult it is to capture all the perfusion data we need, […]