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Editor’s Note:

I spent a long time developing relational databases for Perfusion management and data collection.  I have also been an STS coordinator for 5 years- in conjunction with my role as a staff perfusionist in West Texas.

In other words…  I get how difficult it is to capture all the perfusion data we need, based on the divergent data requirements of so many different perfusion programs.  One system for one group- rarely meets the needs of another let alone the hurdles associated with becoming a universal standard.

I got a note in my email regarding this EMR system, designed by perfusionists- FOR perfusionists.  So anyway, I wanted to share it with you guys and see what you think and whether or not it may fill a need in your departments.  

This is strictly an informational post, not to be considered as an advertisement or endorsement- as I have yet to review the product.  Any input from end users would be greatly appreciated!



Perfusion Pro by PDS Medical Solutions 


As we move to replace the manual recording techniques of the past with modern, technologically advanced equipment, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to consider one of the industry leaders in electronic Perfusion documentation!

Perfusion Pro was created and designed by a Perfusionist with over 44 years experience in the field, specifically, for those interested in making a seamless, cost efficient transition.

We have a trial version of the software available on the website, and multiple setups that cater to every customer’s individual needs.

You can learn more by visiting www.pdsmedicalsolutions.com, or by contacting Trenton Weisser directly.

Trenton Weisser

VP of Sales and Marketing – PDS Medical Solutions
Phone – 812-391-6131
Email – tweisser@pdsmedicalsolutions.com
Website – www.perfusionpro.com


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