Excerpts & Thoughts: “Self Honesty”

Editor’s Note: I thought I would introduce a new series of posts for the ‘Surfers blog.   Hallmark cards?  Not!  But relevant insights? Yes… All are invited to share a brief paragraph of something they are passionate about regarding our profession.  It doesn’t have to be deep- it just has to be relevant and personal […]


Prince- doing a live rendition of Purple Rain. Editor’s Note: Today was and is a sad day for the world.  We lost a PRINCE- literally, an artist I grew up with, that rocked my world way before I ever heard of the field of Perfusion. There is nothing I can say to make any of […]

Perfusion Art: Dawgz

Editor’s Note: I have huge respect for this guy.  Whitt Behr is a perfusionist in Oklahoma, who did a perfusion job shadow down in Lubbock, TX back a few years ago. He has written an impressive series here regarding his experience as a perfusion student.  He was and is, a frequent contributor on the ‘Surfers editorial […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Sometimes… The Bear Gets YOU…

“The simple fact that a centrifugal hand-crank is in the room, does not at all satisfy the “yes” box in the checklist” Editor’s Note: Just when you get to the comfort zone of thinking “you are pretty good”? You find out you’re pretty NOT! But don’t get knocked down and NOT get back up.  Shit […]