Perfusion Job Shadow: Orlando or Tampa FL ?

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-32210" src="" alt="Space 1" srcset=" prednisone 20mg 650w, 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 529px) 100vw, 529px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> Editor’s Note: Hello Orlando, or Tampa, FL! We have a prospective student looking for an opportunity to explore our profession- and yes she needs someone to job shadow.  Any takers? Email Lauren H. if you can […]

Perfusionist: Center Stage

“Although Perfusion necessitates creative intervention, acting allows me to open an artsy creative side…” William Harris, CCP Editors Note: I think it’s pretty evident that perfusionists are innovative and passionate in their approach to life as well as work.  Most perfusionists are successful in other endeavors of their personal lives as well as their professional […]

LPM: A Student’s Perspective- ECMO

“I realized that I learned what a vast difference it is to move from doing a case in the OR, to following up on a patient on a daily basis and monitoring their care.” Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a series with our newest associate editor, Shayla Johnson, who is currently enrolled in a […]

Welcome to HIPEC!

2 Cone Heads 🙂 Editor’s Note: I had an opportunity to assist and learn how to do a HIPEC procedure.  This was an extraordinary experience, and this perfusion group in Iowa should definitely be recognized for the advanced perfusion techniques they do routinely, that many of us have never had the opportunity to be a part […]

Priming the Pump…

Author / Editor: Anna Lou Villena, Eastern & Asian Editor: International Perspectives & Cultural Analyst Face Book:  Anna Lou Hi Frank! This is OUR week– and thank you for this opportunity again to share my thoughts 🙂 Best regards, Anna [18] “Priming the PUMP” in the Perfusion Arena On a classical pattern of my life […]

Career Perfusionist [19] A Day in the Life of a Perfusionist …

Editor’s Note:   Here is an excellent video brought to you by the Perfusion Department at the University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital site to showcase the role of the perfusionist for National Perfusion Week 2016. Thanks to our Canadian brothers to the North, you get to see a brief glimpse of what a career […]

Perfusion Art: “CCP”

Perfusion Art: “CCP” Editor’s Note: This week is “Perfusionists Week” or day or minute or whatever.  We never used to have a day dedicated to us- because everyday we were dedicated to something greater with a more noble spark behind it than cookies and cream.   That would be “ByPass Baybee” 🙂 Even though the […]