From Perfusionist to MD: A Career Pathway Realized

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I started this blog on Feb 21, 2011.  Six and a half years ago to be precise.  Since it was a new format, and employing a dynamically newer media paradigm, I can’t say there wasn’t a bit of push-back from the perfusion community, some people were roiled, some feathers ruffled, and I was by no means a saint or a pioneer.  I just wanted something different from what we had at the time.  In retrospect it (as well as all of us), has matured and grown into itself- developing it’s own identity and internet footprint.  Success!  🙂

During those early formative months here at Circuit Surfers, there were a few colleagues that reached out with words of encouragement as well as ideas to help make Surfers a better tool.  One individual who currently sits on our editorial board, was/is Nadia Azuero, CCP.  Her insight and especially her photography helped shape one of the most auspicious and unique elements attributed to Circuit Surfers- Perfusion Art.  She sent me a few phenomenal pictures that she had taken, I edited them in Photoshop, and all of a sudden, the International Perfusion Art Gallery was born!  In short, she has been a fun person to get to know, an elegant colleague, and remains amazingly creative and focused.  Thanks Nadia- for everything 🙂

The title above suggests the obvious transition achieved, so I wish to offer my sincerest congratulations to Dr. Nadia Azuero, a perfusionist that has transcended to the top level in medicine, she has just completed Medical school, with NO LOANS, four years of hard work, subsisting on per Diem and locums work as a perfusionist to pay for Medical school as well as her living expenses.  Now THAT is an accomplishment!

I originally wanted to do an interview format for this post, but in all honesty?  Her last four years were her interview and she nailed it!

It is poetically appropriate, that a forum that only reached hundreds when she first reared her head and offered up encouragement, that same forum now becomes the platform for thousands to applaud her personal sacrifice and tremendous achievement. Bravo Nadia- Bravo!

Congratulations Dr. Nadia Azuero, CCP !


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Editor’s Note:

August 18 at 2:31pm · Augusta, GA ·

“Today is a huge deal for me. This is the last day that I will be in a hospital and write my name down as a medical student. From now on I will write it with either a Dr. in front or MD after it. No longer a medical student. Passed all my boards required for graduation and will take my final USMLE by the end of the year to obtain my license.

Thank God in so many ways for giving me the tenacity & strength to see this through. Thank you to Mary Cecilia Azuero & my brother for their support and tolerance during this process. Thank you to my friends for their support and and confidence that this was obtainable. 
Up next is residency. Nadia 2.0 is in the making. Stay tuned.”

Nadia Carolina Azuero, MD, CCP. ?

A Medical School Students’ ScrapBook



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