40+ Perfusion CME’s : Have Breakfast with your Family at Home- and Chat with Your Colleagues After :)

Editor’s Note: As we are increasingly busy and very often- understaffed, the opportunity to attend a Perfusion seminar or symposium in order to meet our CME requirements, has represented a strain on Perfusion families, as well as groups and clinical sites.  To put it plainly, It is difficult, at times- financially prohibitive, and most often […]

Perfusion Art: Reverie …

“Reverie …” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 8S Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter Narrative:  A Serene Moment, Preparing for Initiation of CPB Time & Place:  March 2018- Tri-State Midwest About The Artist:  Locum’s Perfusionist About The Subject:  HB  CCP  🙂

Persistent Low Q States During CPB:

Editor’s Note: Low flow (Q) perfusion states on CPB are cardiopulmonary bypass are conditions we encounter quite often on our bypass runs, and can stem from a myriad of clinical conditions:  Pt Size, Inadequate venous return, Anatomical issues, Femoral cannulation, Hypovolemia, Cannula selection, Inadequate visibility, and so forth… Typically, one or more of these conditions […]

Perfusion Job Shadow: Hello Los Angeles, California !!

Editor’s Note:   Hello Los Angeles, California!  I have a student looking for a job shadow opportunity in the Southern California area. Here’s our prospective student’s message to you as well as a contact email: Greetings!! My name is Laraine Dychioco, an ICU RN in Los Angeles, California. I have grown an interest in becoming […]