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Established On :  2 / 20 / 2011

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This Site Is For Us…

The intention is to develop an international perfusion blog highlighting the lives and events of people in our profession, thereby becoming a bridge between perfusion cultures, as well as introducing the vivid world of perfusion to people unfamiliar with what we do.

It helps answer the question: What is a Perfusionist?

Too often we isolate ourselves in our professional lives, and forget to recognize what it is exactly- that we do. This blog provides a mosaic of some of the facets within our lives as perfusionists- and reflects the unrecognized spectrum of our accomplishments as well as cialis australia over the counter the immense level of responsibility we have to our patients.

This blog captures not just the equipment or anatomy of the cardiac surgery environment. It paints a landscape of perfusionists as people- and forwards the suggestion of our profession as the great adventure it surely is.

This is an International effort…  So ALL parties are welcome !

Any and all comments, articles, or post submissions from readers, are encouraged and welcome as well.


71 thoughts on “About Circuit Surfers

  1. The Certainty of Uncertainty
    By Amanda Starleaf
    Rush University, June 2011
    The alarm clock goes off at 5am and I begin yet another morning of clinicals. Day after day I grow and learn with increasing admiration for my field. I am humbled and honored by what I see and get to do each day in the OR heart rooms. I feel cozy at home at my clinical sites but in the back of my mind there is this clock that ticks louder and louder as time goes by. I have less than three months until graduation and I have no idea where I will live or who I will work for. I have to be willing to go anywhere and once again start over with the hopes of building a future somewhere. I have learned to be at peace with the certainy of uncertainty.

  2. Thanks so much for sending along. Your site if very insightful and have added it to my favorites list to refer back to.

  3. Frank,
    We fixed it!! It was because my computer was running on exporer 6 due to software we use for many programs here at the hospital. As soon as I had our IT switch it to 7 it worked. Couldn’t go any higher on the explorers otherwise the other programs wouldn’t work. I know we are a bit backwords! But at least these work now.
    Thanks for all of your help.

  4. Whoa! most inspiring DESIGNED website/blog Ive come across last 17months! content is intriguing even2 layman.The blog/content = fascinating!

  5. BanditBasheert wrote, in response to Teutonic13:

    I refuse to sign up with FB – HATE it. I’m too busy with Twitter … and I just don’t trust FB to not share personal info.

    Your site is perfect for your readers. It is directed towards their interests and specialty – as long as you keep providing new/updated info, your audience will grow.

    You’ve done a great job on the site … that I saw. Just keep doing what you do – it’s working.

    Link to comment: http://disq.us/1xnypl

    Teutonic13 wrote:

    Well just a few days under 3 months. Bandit I’ve been punching it pretty hard. Have a FB and Twitter presence as well-

    What do you think? Will it pass the “sniff” test in your opinion?

  6. cheeriogirl wrote, in response to Teutonic13:

    Don’t sell yourself short! Look what being a promoter has done for you, and those in your profession, all around the WORLD!

    Keep it up Teut, you’re providing a great service, and the fact that it’s in real time is a HUGE advantage. Anyone in medicine knows there are times when you need an answer and you need it NOW- you’re providing that to help those who are protecting their patients at a critical point of vulnerability. And that’s a real blessing!

    Teutonic13 wrote:

    Thanks CG-I don’t mean to be a shameless self promoter when I put that stuff out here- but you guys- well I cut my teefs with you guys.

    Besides- the site is to improve medicine and my profession- so it get’s points for idealism… (hopefully not for naivete’) lol.

    You all taught me a lot- and my respect for this community will never diminish. It’s a good crew. But I’d like to think I’ve thrown out a bone or two into a few fire pits called “conversations” 🙂

  7. Great site Frank. I have a question about Transexamic acid. Can anyone share their experiences, protocols, doses?



    1. Hiya Pat-

      Sure- you can share anything you want- no issues with that- that’s what we have the site for.

      If it is sizable- then jet me the info via email, and I’ll run it as a post with you as the “Author” of the post.

      Thanks for dropping by-


  8. PerfusionCPB
    I like the format. Sorry Scott L got all over u. I can tell u every patient that came in2 my OR crying & saying they were going 2 die…did

  9. Frank,

    I have read/enjoy your posts in the past and sincerely appreciate your posting our job opportunity.


    Terry Crane, Director

    THI Perfusion Technology

  10. Frank, you’ve posted my stuff here since the beginning and first chance I had to really look hard at your creation. Nicely done! I hope the community will belly up to the post and chime in…. these are interesting times, GREAT times and we can shine ever better- thanks for the sweat that went into this.

    Jeff Sites

    1. Aww shucks Jeff 🙂

      Actually- it’s OUR creation bro. Not a lot of sweat though. Just effort. The inertia thing. It grows, I grow, we grow.

      And it works 🙂


  11. Frank,
    Thank you for all that you do. I think the service you are providing is fantastic. I would love to see someone do a video or writeup on descending thoracic aneurysms since we see so few of these where I am it would be a great teaching tool.

    I realize every surgeon is going to do it a little different and depending on the anatomy a little different but I think this would be invaluable.

  12. Well I think circuitsurfers is still the best idea personally as do my classmates.

    All the information on there is not amsects property or perfusion.com property….its the professions and public information that anyone should be able to access.

    The idea of research and information being locked up in websites that you have to pay for does no one good, but someone’s bank account.

    Just look at joshuas story…he should be able to do that without paying to post on one of those sites.

    While I am a student member to both I can say I visit your website frequently as compared to the other 2 I’ve only been to just to sign up so I have it for a future cv.That’s my take on it.


  13. International Children’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit 501(C)3 charity based in Memphis, Tennessee that provides cardiac surgery for children around the world, is in urgent need of a pediatric perfusionist to participate on a mission to Santiago, Dominican Republic on September 24 – October 8 and to Tegucigalpa,Honduras on October 8 -22. All airfare and accommodations will be paid for by ICHF. Please send resume and availability to jean.towne@babyheart.org

  14. Hi Frank,

    I have enjoyed watching circuit surfers grow, I have found some very interesting articles on it.

    It has been fun to see the more personal side of perfusion which I am glad is finding a place on your site.

    I am in the rare position to have a Perfusion Job post and I wonder if you would like to post it on your site?

    It is also posted on Perfusion.Com, I am hoping to reach a wide audience of qualified perfusionists. I have the description below.

    Thank you,

    Tanya Blodget CCP

    1. Hi Tanya-

      That was a really nice compliment- I posted it in the comments section on my blog.

      Your post is up- of it’s free- if you ever think of it- let me know how many people are coming from Circuit Surfers?



  15. Frank,

    Thank you for posting the job and my comments.

    I will update you on the response from your site.

    So far, I have a perfusionist from Italy interested.

    That was quick and far reaching.

    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Hi Frank,

    I just checked out your link, that was very nicely done! I really like how you provided a link to Northern California.

    My son who was looking over my shoulder recognized the San Jose Tech museum in the photo of San Jose.

    I think that you are doing a great job and keep up the good work.

    You are providing a really nice service to the perfusion community.
    Once again, have a great weekend.

    Best Wishes,


  17. Re: “ENOUGH ALREADY go pump a case! “

    I’m not sure what chord I struck- but am pretty sure it affected this gentleman enough to shout back.

    What does ” Enough Already” really mean?

    Does it mean he is fed up? And if so fed up with what? A silly message on “Perflist” a forum that invites discussion- what does it mean?

    Is it a slam dunk? Seriously- what is the inference here? I assume we are all equal and able to post here. But why embarrass yourself to make that kind of a statement?

    As well- what’s with the go “pump a case” comment? How did that relate to the first part of your statement?

    Or is it preemptive? I have no recourse type of thing?

    I assume you are suggesting that because I write about perfusion topics- that perhaps I don’t pump cases or whatever. Well I do. 120+ a year if you really needed to know that.

    But let’s address the second part of your uncontrollable rage issue.

    Just like you- I as well have read perflist- probably longer than you- but I won’t assume that.

    I see a bunch of posts every few days- and decide based on the content in the title, AND the author- whether or not to take the time to read them.

    That’s a choice I make. When I decide to actually read an article it is based on interest- or a desire to see if it is worthwhile to incorporate that material- or at least think about how it applies to my practice.

    If it’s bullshit- or not something I thought it was- I dump it. I don’t make a judgement on the author regarding whatever motivated them to write it, and it doesn’t piss me off.

    It’s like turning on a wind shield wiper. The dirt goes away- regardless of where it came from.

    So to me, this sounds more personal. The all CAPs thing- in your message “ENOUGH ALLREADY” suggests and angry shouting bold faced- in your face statement.

    Why on earth would you take the time to get so mad?

    So I get it. You don’t like me parading and heralding my blog. I appreciate your opinion and my take home message is that my blog sucks, the fact that I share it on perflist sucks- and I should leave things alone and keep it all nice and quiet and status quo?

    Was that the message? Or am I just misreading it?

    Part 2.

    “Go pump a case- and that was followed up by another person’s similar comment: “I agree- and IF YOU CAN’T PUMP A CASE- GO WRITE A BOOK?”.

    Well that was interesting as well. And yes- the material I am working with IS leading to a book.

    So I ask you this. What’s YOUR problem with a blog that links to Perflist?

    Does it hurt you?

    Why does it provoke your anger?

    And why would you actually care? All you have to do is see the author’s name (me) and delete it. pretty simple. If you think it’s trash- than squash it like a cockroach.

    It’s no different than all the other garbage we weed through when we read our emails.

    And we make our choices. Delete or read.

    The premise for Perflist AND CircuitSurfers.com is to provide a dialogue.

    I think we all agree that the people willing to write are competent perfusionists- because IF they are not- well- they don’t last.

    What you wrote has little to contribute to the body of perfusion education. It takes NO position other than- “I don’t like what you are writing”.

    So back it up.

    Show me AND the perfusion community an example of poorly researched material on my blog, fallacies, or plagiarism.

    Show me if you will, any misrepresentation or delusions of grandeur forwarded by my writing.

    Show me damage to the profession or reputation as a whole to us- the perfusion community.

    Just show me MORE than that pathetic statement you had no problem throwing out to the rest of my colleagues.

    Just so you know- I have around 2,000 cases that suggest I can get the job done. I plan on another 1,000 or so to come.

    Do you?

    Perfusionist 1st- Writer 2nd

    My Name is Frank. I am a board certified perfusionist.

    1. I thought your response was stellar!

      M. P.
      Clinical Perfusionist
      Coordinator, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

  18. Re; Angioedema response on perflist


    Thanks for your very helpful reply to my query on perflist. I did not find this case report in my search.

    Best regards,


  19. Re: Enough Already

    Well done Frank,

    I saw that post and wasn’t sure who or why someone would write that. Unfortunately there are many perfusionists who, to me, come off as holier than thou which is the kind of person I thought of when I read the post. I haven’t delved into your site as much as I’d like but there are some excellent papers in there that I plan to get to eventually. Keep up the good work, we need someone to throw things out there to get people thinking as well as contribute to all levels of perfusionist.


  20. Re; Mission

    Hey Frank I’m working on the pics. I’m traveling so much this month and my hard drive is misplaced. I will go through my bags end of this week.

    Re: Enough Already !

    Don’t listen to other fools that are jealous. They must hate their life so much or are over extended and miserable that they cannot take a moment to kick back and read about perfusion in a relaxed way. I love what you do and will help you out any way I can. Keep fighting the fight.


  21. Frank:

    I remember the first time I saw your blog. I was excited and I felt we had something in common. I love the blog and I know you put a lot of effort in it, sometimes perhaps questioning why. I haven’t participated enough, but I read it daily.

    I will support you and the blog more in the future. I am proud of your work and I am ashamed of the challenges you face from a small minority.

    Randy Bullock, CCP
    Pensacola, Fl

  22. Dear Frank,

    Thank you for posting my resume on circuit surfers. I recently got an offer at a medical center in Newark NJ and I accepted it!

    Thanks again for being very helpful to us new graduates, I hope to meet you in person one of these days.


    1. Really happy for you dude.

      If you could leave a comment on the blog so other people know that it works?

      Again, congratulations.

      F A

  23. Thank you for your service! I hope that it is rewarding both fiscally and emotionally. You seem to be a very creative and honorable person. I wish you luck with your site and your possible book.

  24. Frank…being rolled into the elevator on my way down to surgery I asked the two perfusionists and anesthesiologist if they follow any blogs.

    They mentioned 2 blogs, and one was circuit surfers. I said “so you guys are familiar with Frank Aprile” THEY ALL STARTED TO LAUGH AND WERE CAUGHT OFF GUARD…asking me How do you know of Frank Aprile?

    And they all continued to smile at me. I answered “he’s my friend. I met him through his blog. He’s a real great person” they’re response was “WOW it’s amazing you know Frank Aprile” I said ” I just call him Frank” they laughed more.

    I am already sitting on a chair… All is good…update you later……. Josh

    1. I am speechless- won’t deny I have been worried about you over the past 48 hours or so. I am SO glad you are doing well. Keep writing and thanks for being you Josh 🙂

  25. Although I’ve seen your link a number of times on perflist, today is the first time I’ve checked out Circuit Surfers . Frankly (no pun intended) I’m stunned. Kudos for nurturing such a creative and informative site! I also really appreciated your thought-full response to your would-be detractors in the perflist posting a while back ~ that, in part, inspired me to check out the site. Glad I did…..I’ll be a regular from now on.

  26. It just keeps getting better and better this website. I ‘m glad to see that your able to transform your appetizing thoughts and envisions on to this delicious menu of a website. Perfusion Chef or are you going for Guru. LOL. Keep up the food for thought and the diverse gateways of accessible knowledge.

    Yes Yes Yes!!!! I’m always amazed with the topics and how they just fused together. I agree on so many different levels. That’s right Shake ‘em up, Shake ‘em down, and Shake ‘em out. I’m not a perfusionist yet i work for some and i hope all views shoot out like bullets and hit the right targets. Your on the right path and there is no room or better yet should be no room for racism in the medical world anyway. Racism is a disgusting dish of concocted goolash that people keep renewing the recipe and serving it up. Keep it going i’m such a fan. LOL

  28. I am a respiratory therapist and was thinking about applying to a perfusionist program. I was wondering if anyone can tell me first hand what the job market looks like and how they they think it will look in the next 10 years. I understand that they’re are limited jobs but they’re are also a limited amount of people who are perfusionist. I just don’t want to graduate and have to go back to school in the next ten years because the there is no need for cardiac perfusionist.

    1. Hi John,

      I have been in the field for 20 years and it fluctuates a bit, but for the most part natural attrition seems to match the influx of new perfusionists.

      It’s tight field because it is so specialized, your professional mobility is more limited, but it is tremendously rewarding to be able to do something so few can attempt to do.


  29. Wanted to let you know that I got a call today from someone who always looks at your site and got my number from there. He had great things to say about your site.

    Thank you so much!

    Jeannie Jackson,. CCP, LP
    Clinical Services Provider
    Independent Perfusion Services
    Conroe, TX 77303

  30. Right on frank! I think you are a great medium…all the haters are old school cranky ccps that don’t want change!

    It going to happen and happening social networking isn’t going away. Screw them…we/YOU are showing the social justice side of perfusion. This is huge!

    Carry on my friend!

  31. Hi Frank

    Anyway, with regards to your question re circuit surfers- I have personally always enjoyed the web site since I first found it via your early posts on permail/ perflist. I have also enjoyed watching the site grow.

    For me it serves many purposes. One such purpose is as an educational resource- in particular I am thinking of the fantastic material posted by such people as Gary Grist and Steve Sutton.

    Secondly I find it very valuable to watch developing trends from your side of the pond such as equipment based questions and trends, as well as the recent drug shortages etc. I have only admiration for the way you manage to find the time to get on top of these subjects and find the time to put together well thought out and research based reply’s/ presentations.

    Thirdly I enjoy the postings from the ‘perfusionist in the street’ (if you know what I mean)- the regular guys experience- this always strikes a chord.

    If I am honest (which I do have a habit of being) I initially thought the photo thing was a great idea and enjoyed immensely looking at the submitted material.

    This enjoyment then turned to a slight concern as it, for a time, appeared that that was all people were submitting, and I guess I missed that excitement of seeing a surfers post in my inbox only to find it was ‘another photo’.

    I am inclined to agree with you though; of late the balance seems to be getting just about right. I feel the quality of posts is great and are coming through at a reasonable rate, and these are interspersed with a good amount of the photos.

    As I am sure you would, I would enjoy more of the power point presentations from eminent international perfusionists, but hey- when they do come they are always worth the wait.

    I hope this is helpful/ useful- of course this is just my opinion (for what that’s worth).

    Cheers for now


    1. I think you are the only one that can answer that. I’m sure it takes an enormous amount of time.

      I think the site is great. You have a great way of presenting the material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

      The stories and different perspectives (seeing “Perfusion” through a students eyes, many of us have forgotten what that was like) are enlightening.

      From my perspective, it is worthwhile but you are the only one that can answer that. Thanks again!

  32. From Michael Parpard, RRT, CCP


    Love your website !

    I have been a Pediatric Perfusionist for 17 years, and just recently heard about your Circuit Surfers from a few friends that follow your website.

    I have been going on Pediatric Mission trips almost my whole career, and even helped send Brian Forsberg on his first ICHF mission with Dr.Novick and Dr. Chris Gilbert ( babyheart.org ).

    Trained & worked at the University of Miami ( worked there for 8 Years ), then worked at All Children’s & Tampa Childrens for 7 years.

    Took 2 years off to travel full time as the Volunteer Chief Perfusionist of the ICHF, teaching and pumping Peds in 16 different countries.

    Also, my good friend, Dr. Jeff Jacobs, and I took over a mission 6 years ago, going to Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. Just finished mission # 6, and was able to use 4 of the new Medtronic Pixie Oxygenators on that trip.

    I came back to the USA 18 months ago, and currently I am the Director of Perfusion at Tulane University in New Orleans, and would like to contribute to your Circuit Surfers site.

    Please guide me in how I could contribute to your interesting web site ?

    Thanks your new friend in NOLA,


  33. Frank, still fighting the good fight and glad of it. Looked for the ABTC info- finally taking the course. Your data needs updating- course fee is a bit higher. Pat may have other changes.

    All the best!

    Jeff Sites

  34. Hi , I read your blog about your perfusion journey. Hope you are doing

    I am just browsing searching for perfusion program and your
    blog showed up on my google search result.

    I am doing my research
    about this program and your blog gave me insight. Thanks for sharing..

  35. Frank, as usual you bring the bigger world of cardiovascular-thoracic surgery to us in technicolor. I’m not sure if the concept of “Circuit Surfers” was this grand, but thank you for enriching our lives in and out of the surgical suite. Keep up the great work.

  36. Being so intimately involved with this charity I sometimes forget the wide impact ICHF has upon the world and feel so blessed to add my knowledge and a help for children worldwide.

    I would also like to thank Mr. Aprile, CCP for continuing support of mission trips worldwide and his relentless support for international perfusion education.

    Rock on Frank and pump strong!


  37. Thank you, Frank, for helping us spread the word about ICHF, our mission and our dedicated volunteers all over the globe whose selfless support helps us save the lives of thousands of children with congenital heart defects!

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  39. As an addition to what makes a perfusionist.
    A perfusionist should learn something from every case. The day you come to work and think you cannot learn something – quit. You are now the most dangerous person in the room.

  40. I would like to invite you and / or your colleges to give a presentation on a topic of your choice at the meeting. As the directors of Circuit Surfers and the associated blogs I feel you have a great grasp on the current issues and trends surrounding our profession and would be a great addition to our lineup of presenters. Looking forward to hearing from you with questions, comments, or ideas.

    Thanks so much

    Eric D. Rauch, Wisconsin Perfusion Society Meeting Director

  41. Elizabeth, MT-ASCP, CCP, MBA commented on your update

    “Love the digital photos related to perfusion. You artfully capture some everyday scenes and somehow make them so visually interesting. Wonderful! Keep up the good job.”

  42. Hi,

    I am a recently graduated Biomedical Scientist from St Georges University of London, with a keen interest in perfusion. I’ve spent the past 9 months visiting over 5 major cardiac centres in order to gain first hand experience of what it means to be a perfusionist.
    It was during this time that I lost my 21 year old brother to a sudden and rare blood disorder. If you had asked me 6 months ago, why I want to be a perfusionist? I would have replied that I want to save lives. During those 12 hours, between the time that my brother was admitted and his death; my single source of reassurance was how dedicated the team were to help my brother. So, if you ask me today, why I want to be a perfusionist? I’ll tell you that I want to be that stranger that wakes up in the morning and goes to work to do everything in their power to help your loved one.
    I am flexible and very dedicated; as such any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

    Ifrax Mohamed
    England, United Kingdom

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