ECLS & Emergency Departments

Editor’s Note: A colleague of mine, Michael, asked me during a conversation if there was any information out there regarding the increased frequency or use of ECLS systems throughout the emergency departments in hospitals across the US.  Interestingly enough, I find myself later in the day, monitoring one of these devices in vivo. Below is […]

Why We Do This: LVAD_one 2009 Days +

“So yes, we engage hope and strive to do our best, but our vision for this patient’s future is sometimes less than vibrant- for the reasons stated above.  Many of us have become LVAD pessimists.” 2009 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 2,892,960 minutes of life support… Editor’s Note: I think there is a tendency […]

CARDIOHELP: An In-Service for MD’s, Perfusionists, & Nurses

Click Image to visit CARDIOHELP website Editor’s Note: We are looking at a new system to integrate into our ECMO program, and today we had an in-service from MAQUET, who owns, distributes, and supports the CARDIOHELP ECLS system. This was a 3.5 hour in-service designed to educate physicians, perfusionists, and nurses.  It was offered for three […]

LVADers are all Test Pilots…

Editor’s Note: The title says it all.  Joshua is an on-line friend I met almost 2 years ago.  He has had a HeartMate II in for that entire duration plus I believe at least 1 or more years prior.  His story is amazing- and a year ago I did an interview with Josh.  I revisit […]

A Bridge to Transplant? How About a BRIDGE to Medicare?

1/2 a year shy of 65- MEDICARE hasn’t kicked in yet… STRANDED ON THE TARMAC Day:1 Day + Day + ACCESS… DENIED ! Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Epilog … RIP Click to Enlarge You Figure It Out …

Cardiac Assist Devices for Patients Ineligible for Transplant

Click image to view source article Bridges? Jarvik Heart, a New York-based maker of miniaturized heart assist devices announced Monday that the company has received regulatory approval for a clinical trial designed to test a ventricular assist device for end-stage heart failure patients. The patients are those that are not candidates for an eventual heart […]

HEXMO: Miniaturized ECMO

Click image above to view Source Article Editor’s Note: A submission and link found on Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!. Submitted by:  Hiroyuki Kuromitsu This technology is still in the research stages, but seems very workable and sophisticated.  I have no idea about a time table for in-vivo human trials. = = Click image to view entire […]

LVAD Pioneers… :(

Editor’s Note: This is a painting by Michael-Joshua Morris.  He is a friend, a frequent contributor to this blog, as well as his own, and has been incredibly courageous in his efforts to promote awareness of VAD technology.  He has had a  Heartmate II for two years and counting. He just lost a friend…  that’s […]

An ECMO Lecture : Outstanding !

PART 1 of 2. Hergen Buscher, a German intensivist who lives and practices in Sydney, gives an excellent presentation on extra corporeal membrane oxygenation in the modern era of ICU. This was presented at a Sydney Intensive Care Network meeting on the 17th March 2011. Go to for more information about who we are […]

The Joshua Story [2]

The Joshua Interview: (Click Image above to Visit Josh’s Website) Editors Note:  Josh is a HeartMate II recipient and is awaiting a heart transplant.  Please click here   if you are unfamiliar with his story and would like to see how we got to the point of doing this interview. On 06/09/2011 Hello Joshua, this is […]

When the Bullet Hits the Bone …

The title of this may seem odd, it is from a song back in the mid-80’s. It just popped into my head when thinking about writing this.  But today it seems an apt metaphor for this particular story.  It’s when reality hits,  the movie part is over, and life turns to get a bit more […]