Many EMPLOYMENT Opportunities!

Editor’s Note: There are several opportunities available for perfusionists looking for a change of pace, a new environment, the first step into a fantastic carreer, or a fresh start. Check below for doors that you can open if you choose 🙂 Frank PERFUSION.COM CAREERS, Inc. is a Joint Commission certified perfusion company owned and operated […]

Cardiac Stents [1] Are We Stenting too Much ?

“At a time when the health care industry faces much ambiguity through reform, one certainty is apparent: Resources will be more constrained as we face a shortage of physicians, an influx of chronic condition patients, and declining reimbursements.” Editor’s Note: I had an interesting discussion with our chief cardiac surgeon the other day, it is […]

The BEST of the BEST: ‘Surfers 2014

(Click on any images below to read associated article)  Editor’s Note: 2014 was a break out year for Circuit Surfers.  with roughly 130,000 visits and increasing our readership significantly- we have become a comfortable and diverse on-line meeting site for perfusionists from all over the globe to visit and interact. Thank you for your support […]

2015 : A Perfusion Flash Mob

Editor’s Note: I have been doing this for 4 years now, and am astonished to see the outpouring of community spirit by perfusionists from all over the globe.  We used to not know each other :).  It reminded me a bit of a flash mob. A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who […]

Perfusion in Nepal: Interview With Laxmi Shrestha

“Technologies today have made world nearer. The social networking sites(SNS) as you have mentioned have been a source to communicate at few time in every field and every area. Similary, We perfusionist have also got a good platform for sharing our views, information, techniques by these sites. And yes, it has definitely made us easy […]