The Sanibel Perfusion PodCast: When VISION Becomes Reality…

Editor’s Note:   In terms of perfusion interaction and communication, there are a few seminal moments I’m sure all of us recognize as game changers, paradigm shifts, and technological improvements that could be compared as dynamic as the transition from bubble oxygenators, to hollow fibre membrane technology. Some examples of perfusion evolution in terms of […]

There are A LOT of JOBS! Perfusion.Com

Click Image above to got to Job Site 🙂 Cardiac Surgery Employment PERFUSION.COM specializes in helping employers and prospective employees get connected. We offer a full compendium of job services  including job placement assistance, job posting service, employer recruitment assistance, employment tools and much more. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our employment […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Sometimes Ya Gotta Explore…

Editor’s Note: I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I will be dropping a few notes and pictures of places visited, and observations made.  In a sense, the beginning of a scrap book on Open Heart Surgery in America (and other places […]

An ECMO in OMAN: FB Discussion

Editor’s Note: I saw this discussion on the Group FB page, and thought it merited a post here on ‘Surfes– to demonstrate how effective new media communication can be in real time. Please feel free to add to the discussion 🙂 Frank = Saleh Al Harthy Yesterday at 9:36am · Al Amarat, Oman – […]

Heart-To-Heart: International Perfusion Missions

Editor’s Note: Other world perfusion is something I think I missed out on.  Can’t call it 3rd world- because it is after all OUR world. There is something exotically exciting about becoming involved in a mission- in a new and different country- and making such a huge difference to people you would otherwise never have met […]

Perfusion Iraq: Night Lights

Editor’s Note: Found this enlightening (no pun) innovation on the FB page. Submitted by:  Ahmed G. Sarfan Local machine light When we loss the support, we should go on.. Local HLM light designed by local Nasiriyah Heart Center team. Very nice 🙂

An Amazingly Affordable Solution! 40 CEU’s : WEBCast- Sannibel Symposium

Click on image to view WEBCast details Editor’s Note: I have used’s online education features before- especially to get some last minute CEU’s for certification renewal.  The presentations are solid and informational, and extremely convenient and affordable.  I highly recommend this as an option for those of us who can’t get away to attend […]

The BEST of the BEST: ‘Surfers 2014

(Click on any images below to read associated article)  Editor’s Note: 2014 was a break out year for Circuit Surfers.  with roughly 130,000 visits and increasing our readership significantly- we have become a comfortable and diverse on-line meeting site for perfusionists from all over the globe to visit and interact. Thank you for your support […]

PERFUSION.COM: Website Reviews

Click image above to visit Editor’s Note: This is the 1st of a series of Perfusion related site/group reviews to familiarize perfusionists- or cardiovascular associated healthcare personnel with the available resources out there. There is no bias or underlying agenda to promote or dissuade visitors from visiting one site over another – other than to point […]