Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com

And the Verdict is ? Yes it wasn’t scientific. True it was a little repetitious and the construct of a less than qualified statistician. Most likely it was self serving. But from that pile of political rubble, there is something to be gleaned. From what initially looked undecipherable, a little sparkle emerges. A hint of […]

The Good The Bad The Ugly…

Editor’s Note: I published a poll a couple of years ago, at the dawn of the ‘Surfers’ blog.  Re-reading it was fun, so I thought I would dust this post off and share reader’s perceptions of BEFORE we were assimilated into the mainstream perfusion culture (LOL)…  I think that’s right anyway? = A Blast from […]

Perfusion Discussions, Vetting, & Polls.

  I put a poll out the other day to get a genuine idea of what people are looking for in Perfusion sites. The results were very promising for all of us, and some of the details will lead to some interesting discussions.  Perflist reflects very well in the opinions of many. I plan to […]