Perfusionist: Center Stage

“Although Perfusion necessitates creative intervention, acting allows me to open an artsy creative side…” William Harris, CCP Editors Note: I think it’s pretty evident that perfusionists are innovative and passionate in their approach to life as well as work.  Most perfusionists are successful in other endeavors of their personal lives as well as their professional […]

Perfusion Life: Why We Do This

Editor’s Note: I do a lot of “why we do this” posts, not because it is rhetorical or thought provoking, but because we as a profession are pioneers as well.  In the past 40 years, the technological achievements in cardiac medicine defy belief at times, in that we have come so far- so very quickly. […]

HEROS! A Job Shadowing Experience

“I now understand even more why someone would want to go in this line of work; these men and women in the OR make a difference, together they do something incredible, literally life altering, they are nothing short of modern day hero’s.” Editor’s Note: This is a narrative from a future perfusion student who job-shadowed […]

My Perfusion Job Shadowing Experience: Day 1

Click HERE to view entire series 🙂 Editor’s Note: This is part 1 of what is going to be a 3-part series- the first two posts presented by a young, soon-to-be medical professional who job shadowed for two days with me.  The last will be a re-post of something I had written- that reflects the […]

My Perfusion Job Shadowing Experience: Day 3

Click HERE to view entire series 🙂 Editor’s Note: This is part 3 of what is a 3-part series- two posts are presented by a young, soon-to-be medical professional who job shadowed for two days with me.  This last post will be a re-post of something I had written- that was about this particular case- that reflects […]

Why I want to be a Perfusionist? I want to save lives.

Editor’s Note: I got this message in the comments section.  I don’t know exactly what the question is:  Looking to get into school- or just graduated and looking for a position? What is clear to me is that this was a very compelling narrative about our profession- So let’s help him / her out shall […]

Tunnel Vision

Causes Extreme fear or distress, most often in the context of a panic attack. During periods of high adrenaline production, such as an intense physical fight. Altitude sickness, hypoxia in passenger aircraft Exposure to oxygen at a partial pressure above 1.5-2 atmospheres, producing central nervous system oxygen toxicity, notably while diving.  Other symptoms can include […]

LVADers are all Test Pilots…

Editor’s Note: The title says it all.  Joshua is an on-line friend I met almost 2 years ago.  He has had a HeartMate II in for that entire duration plus I believe at least 1 or more years prior.  His story is amazing- and a year ago I did an interview with Josh.  I revisit […]

Salient Quips- From the Surgeon’s Lips

“Taken out of context- and without knowing the people in the discussion- the quotes themselves are intriguingly odd and non-sequitror.” Editor’s Note: Over the past few weeks I have been collecting a few odd catch phrases or comments being tossed around during the course of open-heart surgery. Taken out of context- and without knowing the […]

The Captain of the Ship Doctrine

He called me Che Guevara… Commonly known as “el Che” or simply “Che“. The implication was that I was too far to the left with liberal leanings, while working in the rarefied confines of one of the last bastions of entitled  blue blooded aristocracy- the open heart room. Homage here is not an option or […]

A Bridge to Transplant? How About a BRIDGE to Medicare?

1/2 a year shy of 65- MEDICARE hasn’t kicked in yet… STRANDED ON THE TARMAC Day:1 Day + Day + ACCESS… DENIED ! Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Epilog … RIP Click to Enlarge You Figure It Out …

Give Me One More Kiss… [Reprint]

Editor’s Note: Sometimes the smallest reveal- a brief second where you hear or see something- that pings back at you like a question mark for the future- Sometimes those moments are the hooks that we need to remind us of the life worth living … Give me one more Kiss & I will see you […]


Photo by Paul Landsman, Clinical Coordinator at South Plains College School of Surgical Technology.  Lubbock, West Texas. Thanks Paul 🙂 911 is like a Genetic Memory It is burned into the context of our society. * It begs the question of when the number 911 was initially designated as the universal distress signal, if there […]

We Build OUR Castles …

Perfusion Nesting… I think so … Perfusion nesting. It is a science in-and-of-itself, and most of us do it. The Circuit has to be a certain way- One line over another- The exact number of pump clamps Hand towels a certain way Cardioplegia line wrapped and placed perfectly The mannifold food chain (my neo’s always […]

MicroCircuits & Rapping : [Reprint]

MicroCircuits & Rapping (Click Here if you want to skip to a list of posts) In the last 15 months, our institution decided to get aggressive about reducing our transfusion rate, and the numbers of patients that had postoperative bleeding issues. Originally our aim was to reduce the circuit size and use the integrated microcircuits […]

Heart Surgery for the Poor?

Got a Stent? Great… Can’t afford to pay for Plavix to keep it open? Welcome to your heart surgery. That pretty much sums up a surgeon’s feeling after a CABG on a 40-something year old. He sent me an email about a patient he read about, who got a stent to his RCA a while […]

Career Perfusionist: [4] What Makes a Perfusionist ?

If what you did yesterday seems big-  You haven’t done anything today…  – Lou Holtz “Becoming a perfusionist wasn’t a reflection of education as much as it was an investment in experience.” So this is a Perfusion Blog, and what does any of that have to do with us? Well to begin with- we weren’t […]

A Day In The Life… [3] Reprint

24 Hours… of ECMO To view the entire “Day In The Life” series Click Here Part III:  Getting Past Midnight :   ACT’s & Clots … 11:00 pm Somehow during the initial debriefing from the previous ECMO coordinator that I had taken over for, the question of reliability regarding our ACT  (Activated Clotting Time) came […]