From Our Colleagues in Azerbaijan: Pulmonary Endarterctomy

Editor’s Note: I got an email from a colleague that has been a friend and supporter of Circuit Surfers for the past 6 years or so, Mr.Cuneyt iImamoglu.  I included a little extra information below the body of his article and wish to thank and compliment his team for their tremendous accomplishment! Good Luck and […]

Novick Cardiac Alliance is happy to announce our return to building pediatric open heart programs in Iraq!

Click image above to visit this website Editor’s Note: I have been in contact with Dr. Novick, and Brian Forsberg LP, CCP, MPH, for almost the entire tenure of the Circuit Surfers blog.  I am impressed that our approaches and goals are so similarly tuned, and have always believed in what they (and this blog) stand […]

From Turkey: Type II Aortic Dissection

Editor’s Note:  I was cruising through FB this morning, before watching Purdue play college football today (another “W” for the other team) when my friend Mehmet Çetintaş tagged me with this post on a type II aortic dissection in which antegrade cerebral protection was employed.  I included a roughly translated thread attached to this picture to […]

Free 3/8 Tubing (expired)

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-31940" src="" alt="Space 1" srcset=" 650w, https://i1.wp prednisone 20mg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 529px) 100vw, 529px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> Editor’s Note: If you have a mission, or you need this tubing- it’s free!  Just pay shipping and it will be delivered. All inquiries to Thanks and have a great day! Frank

From Istanbul: Heart Art…

Editor’s Note: Just taking a moment to share a moment- happened to see this on FB- and after seeing a quick ECMO article- went to the source- and found this Turkish FB site: Kartal Koşuyolu Kalp Hastanesi Hospital   Address Denizer Caddesi Cevizli Kavşağı No: 2Cevizli / Kartal İSTANBUL 72000 Kartal, İstanbul Phone +90 216 […]

From Italia: The 7 cm BEAST!

Editor’s Note: I was on my good friend Giuseppe Salerno’s FB group (Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!), when a post he put up caught my eye.  Now I have seen some massive aortic aneurysms before, but G (I call him G for Giuseppe) keeps coming up with these massive beasts that look like a scene from the movie “Aliens” (the […]

How Far do We Reach? Say Hello To Bursa…

Editor’s Note: This photo captured my imagination.  On many levels… It speaks to me because it shows the human spirit for what it truly is- and suggests that life is truly the grandest of adventures- thus well worth preserving (that’s what WE do). Bursa is in Turkey- it is NOT a sac of synovial fluid […]

Heart Team Philippines: To The Mountain Top!

TIWALA Editor’s Note: I saw the series of photos you are about to see (below) and was struck by their beauty, the spirit behind the climb, and the sense of comradarie they conveyed. Weng has been a huge supporter of “Surfers since it’s inception, and when we met- she had just graduated.  Since then she […]

An ECMO in OMAN: FB Discussion

Editor’s Note: I saw this discussion on the Group FB page, and thought it merited a post here on ‘Surfes– to demonstrate how effective new media communication can be in real time. Please feel free to add to the discussion 🙂 Frank = Saleh Al Harthy Yesterday at 9:36am · Al Amarat, Oman – […]

The Nepal Earthquake: Can Perfusionists Help?

    Editor’s Note: I spared the worst pictures, with so much tragedy in Nepal- all I can ask is how we as a community can help.  I know there are many many GoFundMe’s and what not- but in this case perhaps we as a perfusion community can reach out and help one of our […]

Heart-To-Heart: International Perfusion Missions

Editor’s Note: Other world perfusion is something I think I missed out on.  Can’t call it 3rd world- because it is after all OUR world. There is something exotically exciting about becoming involved in a mission- in a new and different country- and making such a huge difference to people you would otherwise never have met […]

Perfusion Iraq: Night Lights

Editor’s Note: Found this enlightening (no pun) innovation on the FB page. Submitted by:  Ahmed G. Sarfan Local machine light When we loss the support, we should go on.. Local HLM light designed by local Nasiriyah Heart Center team. Very nice 🙂

CURRENT: Available Perfusion Jobs

Editor’s Note: Here is a great link to a large number of employment opportunities.  This is a great resource for employers as well as job seekers.  It is provided by Perfusion.Com, and is ALWAYS current. Good luck 🙂 Frank Click image above to view available positions.

Perfusion IRAQ: Hussein Najim

“For the situation in my country made me a man in every sense and I was able to achieve what you dreamed it despite the difficult circumstances in which we live. I wish to live in peace.” Click to enlarge.  An amazing photo 🙂 Editors ‘Note: I have followed Hussein Najim’s FB page for a […]

The BEST of the BEST: ‘Surfers 2014

(Click on any images below to read associated article)  Editor’s Note: 2014 was a break out year for Circuit Surfers.  with roughly 130,000 visits and increasing our readership significantly- we have become a comfortable and diverse on-line meeting site for perfusionists from all over the globe to visit and interact. Thank you for your support […]

2015 : A Perfusion Flash Mob

Editor’s Note: I have been doing this for 4 years now, and am astonished to see the outpouring of community spirit by perfusionists from all over the globe.  We used to not know each other :).  It reminded me a bit of a flash mob. A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who […]

Perfusion Art: “Push n’ Go”

“Push n’ Go”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer: Giuseppe Salerno &  Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!! Equipment:  digital Editing:  Gradient Filter (‘Surfers) Narrative: Found it on the Italian perfusion FB page Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!! Time & Place:   Italy2014 Click to Donate To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:

Perfusion Art: “The Halo”

“The Halo”    ________Click image to enlarge Photographer: Bibi Aguerrevere Equipment:  digital Editing:  Cropping- Hues adjustment Narrative: Hi,  My name is Bibi Aguerrevere from Domenican Replublic – Hospital Cedimat, I experienced this image yesterday in an Aortic valve replacement. Will like to share it with you (#nofilter) the heart just appeared  Blessings Time & Place:   Domenican Replublic – Hospital […]