Novick Cardiac Alliance is happy to announce our return to building pediatric open heart programs in Iraq!

Click image above to visit this website Editor’s Note: I have been in contact with Dr. Novick, and Brian Forsberg LP, CCP, MPH, for almost the entire tenure of the Circuit Surfers blog.  I am impressed that our approaches and goals are so similarly tuned, and have always believed in what they (and this blog) stand […]

Perfusion Iraq: Night Lights

Editor’s Note: Found this enlightening (no pun) innovation on the FB page. Submitted by:  Ahmed G. Sarfan Local machine light When we loss the support, we should go on.. Local HLM light designed by local Nasiriyah Heart Center team. Very nice 🙂

Perfusion IRAQ: Hussein Najim

“For the situation in my country made me a man in every sense and I was able to achieve what you dreamed it despite the difficult circumstances in which we live. I wish to live in peace.” Click to enlarge.  An amazing photo 🙂 Editors ‘Note: I have followed Hussein Najim’s FB page for a […]

From Our Perfusion Friends in Iraq

Editor’s Note: Hussein Najim Perfusionist This is a perfusionist in Iraq that trained and worked with Brian Forsberg, MS, CCP (working with ICHF). I see him on FB once in awhile- he is always kind and in good spirits.  So enjoy the picture and realize that we are truly blessed – each in our own […]

ICHF: Hope Renewed

Click image to view this article. Editors Note: I have had the pleasure of getting to know Brian C. Forsberg MPH CCP, the team of ICHF, and interviewing Dr. Bill Novick over that past couple of years.  The “BabyHeart” blog is in my opinion, a very well written and insightful effort that brings us to […]

Babies Deserve More Than One Day of Life

“I told them that if we did not employ a form of ECMO in the next few minutes the child would die.” Editor’s Note: This post impressed me quite a bit, so thank you Dr. Novick, and Brian Forsberg, for doing what you guys do out there in Iraq right now-  very impressive work and personal […]