From Turkey: Type II Aortic Dissection

Editor’s Note:  I was cruising through FB this morning, before watching Purdue play college football today (another “W” for the other team) when my friend Mehmet Çetintaş tagged me with this post on a type II aortic dissection in which antegrade cerebral protection was employed.  I included a roughly translated thread attached to this picture to […]

From Istanbul: Heart Art…

Editor’s Note: Just taking a moment to share a moment- happened to see this on FB- and after seeing a quick ECMO article- went to the source- and found this Turkish FB site: Kartal Koşuyolu Kalp Hastanesi Hospital   Address Denizer Caddesi Cevizli Kavşağı No: 2Cevizli / Kartal İSTANBUL 72000 Kartal, İstanbul Phone +90 216 […]

How Far do We Reach? Say Hello To Bursa…

Editor’s Note: This photo captured my imagination.  On many levels… It speaks to me because it shows the human spirit for what it truly is- and suggests that life is truly the grandest of adventures- thus well worth preserving (that’s what WE do). Bursa is in Turkey- it is NOT a sac of synovial fluid […]

Perfusion Turkey: A Collage from Kosuyolu Hospital, Istanbul.

A Perfusion Conference, Turkey Editor’s Note: I was on FB and got a message from Mehmet Çetintaş, a Turkish perfusionist that I have seen online for quite awhile.  He asked me to post some pictures he took of his life as a perfusionist in Istanbul Turkey. By his count they perform (or have performed) : 142 […]